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Saturday, September 24, 2016

In the Praise of the Prophet (saws)Written now by the gate of the Mercy to the Worldsﷺ after Fajr, Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Technology of the Heart |Page 4, Chan:34858901 |"
Written now by the gate of the Mercy to the Worldsﷺ after Fajr, picture also taken now.
Madinah ul-Munawwara.
I stand at the Door of Merciful Infinityﷺ
With no power nor ability
With no deeds to explain this vicinity
O Dweller of the Enlightened Cityﷺ
My soul knows no other who meets this affinity
O my Door to the Pure Divinityﷺ
To the Lord of Unicity
O Possessor of a Light that shines most brilliantlyﷺ
May my heart reflect your countenance vividlyﷺ
O Possessor of Grace and Chivalryﷺ
No justice would do even a thousand litanies
O Our Infallible Means to Stabilityﷺ
O Possessor of Sublimityﷺ
O our Water of Resiliencyﷺ
O Distributor of Tranquilityﷺ
O Solution to every difficultyﷺ
O Antidote to every sin that limits meﷺ
O My heart's serenityﷺ
O Cure to our every deficiencyﷺ
O You through whose Light hearts seeﷺ
O Source of every humilityﷺ
I beseech you, by this proximity
Visit me.
O Allah - send your peace and seas
Of blessings upon he who oversees
Your servants and makes their hearts appeased
The Holder of Paradise's Keys.
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar


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