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Saturday, September 24, 2016

In the Praise of the Prophet (saws)Written now before the Majestic Prophetﷺ. Madinah ul-Munawwara-Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Technology of the Heart |Page 4, Chan:34858901 |"Written now before the Majestic Prophetﷺ.
Madinah ul-Munawwara.
O Messenger of God
We have come to greet you
And it is from your Sunnah
To never turn a visitor away
Nor to leave him empty-handed
So we ask of you
In this blessed hour
To beseech the Lord
For our much needed forgiveness
O Blessing from God
Dress us in the robes of your affection
Look upon us with a gaze of tenderness
For our hearts are yearning
And our will is weak
And you are our hope
So intercede for us and our loved ones
And take us by your perfumed hand
And keep us in your close embrace
And give us to drink from your Fountain
O the Light of our hearts
Our love for you is our provision
Our love for you is our ship
And it carries us on the sea of life
Without it we would drown in our weakness
And our sight would be feeble and short
But you have turned our face to the Hereafter
With your close attention and care
You give a new leaf to the sinners
You open a new chapter for every lost one
And by God my life is a proof of this
And the Lord Most High is the Best Witness
So O my hope, O my Guide, O my Teacher
Gaze upon me once again in my dream
And speak again to me a tender word
And beam upon me a gentle smile
My heart longs for you
And I am certain you know this
I beseech you by the Mercy that you are
To leave us not for the blinking of an eye
You are my rope to the heavens
And you are my heaven itself
So O Walking Heaven of the Earth and Skies
Breathe me into your existence
May the blessings and peace of our Lord
Be upon your Secret, your Soul, your Body
And upon your Holy Family
And your rightly guided Companions.
-Walid Lounès Bouzerar


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