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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh , Rumi of Kashmir RA (1830-1907)

Mian Mohammad Bakhsh (1830 - 1907) is one of the great Punjabi Sufi poets in the Perso-Arabic tradition. He was born in a small village Chak Thakra, close to district Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. His forefathers belong to Chak Behram of Gujrat, Punjab. He wrote 18 books, all in the Punjabi language except one in Persian. His major work is Saif-ul-Malook which he wrote in the age of just 33 (Hijra years). The real name of the book is Safar-ul-Ishq (THE JOURNEY OF 'DIVINE' LOVE) but it is publicly known as Saif-ul-Malook. The book is equally popular in all parts of the world where Punjabi is understood
The prince Saif-ul-Malook, the main character of the story, is a symbol of bravery, courage, honesty and commitment. He left his royal life style and started his journey of the Divine Love from the land of Egypt. His principal aim was to reach Bagh-e-Irum, Sharistan and win the princess Badi-ul-Jamal.  It is a seeker’s journey to find the ultimate truth. The story tells us a lesson that one can find the truth but one has to sacrifice the excessive worldly desires by getting rid of impurities. One must purify ones in and outer worlds to find truth. Simply performing religious rituals are not sufficient to seek the Divine Love. He says in Saiful Malook:“When a droplet dissolves in the river, what will it be called? It becomes that for whom it has lost itself.” It is the journey of a seeker (Salik), who eliminates his existence as a separate self, and attains everlasting life by entering the River of Union.  One individual (juzv) is a part of the Whole (kul). Feeling the sufferings and pains of the whole humanity is a message hidden in the above lines. Punjab, the land of five rivers of sweet waters has a wonderful galaxy of large number of great spiritual poets, including Baba Farid Ganj-e-shakar, Baba Guru Nanak, Shah Hussain, Sultan Bahu, Bulhey Shah, Waris Shah, Hasham Shah, Mian Mohammad Bakhsh, Khawaja Ghulam Farid Mithankoti, Shah Murad, Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah of Golra Sharif etc. This region is certainly a very unique place on the earth where huge number of Sufi Saints expressed their purified spiritual views in the form of poetry and it is also a great honor for the Punjabi language which got such blessed souls after regular intervals during last nine centuries. They came in different times but gave the same message of peace, tolerance, cosmic fraternity and Divine Love. Mian Mohammad Bakhsh parted from the worldly life on 22nd January, 1907 and his tomb is in the courtyard of Darbar Hazrat Pir Peera Shah Ghazi Qalandar, KhaRi Sharif, Mirpur. Source: ----

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(Part 8 of 8 )


Ehnaa galan theen keeh labhdaa eyb kisey da karnaa,
Aapna aap sanbhaal Muhammad jo karna so bharnaa.

What do we gain by back-biting?
Save yourself O Muhammad! for as you sow, so shall you reap.


Wali Allah dey mardey nahi kardey parda poshi,
Kee hoya jey dunyaa uton tur gaye naal khamoshi.

The saints (favorites of Allah) do not die, they just hide behind the veil,
So what if they leave the world silently?


Fazal kareyn tey bakhshey jaawan meyn jeay moonh kaley,
Adal kareyn tey thar thar kamban ucheyaan shaanaan waley.

God! if you show mercy, sinners like me will be absolved.
If you perform justice, even people of pomp and show will tremble in fear.


Aai jaan shikanjey ander jeyon welan wich ganna,
Roh noo keh hun reh Muhammad jey rahwey tey mannaa.

Life is trapped n agonies like sugarcane in the crushing roller,
O Muhammad! in this condition it is impossible for the juice to withhold.


Lakh hazar bahar husan dee khako wich samanee,
Laa paree ajehe Muhammad! jag wich rahey kahane.

A million springs of beauty will dissolve into dust,
O Muhammad! love in such a manner that you are remembered for ever.


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