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Friday, May 21, 2021

Why Did the British Scientist, Arthur J. Ellison, Revert to Islam?

Why Did the British Scientist, Arthur J. Ellison, Revert to Islam?

The “First International Conference on the Medical Inimitability of the Qur’an” is being held. A select of scientists, mostly from the West, are presenting papers, each in his own field, confirming that inimitability.

One more scientist from the UK; Arthur J. Ellison is submitting a study related to one verse in which a reference to the existence of states of consciousness during sleep is indicated.

The verse reads:

Allah takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that do not die [He takes] during their sleep. Then He keeps those for which He has decreed death and releases the others for a specified term. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought. (Az-Zumar 39:42)

Arthur J. Ellison, the parapsychologist and the electricity professor at the City University in London, is mesmerized by his findings as well as those of the other participants.

At the end of the closing session, Arthur J. Ellison, to the surprise of everyone; declares his reversion to Islam.

Here’s the complete story told by Arthur ‘Abdullah’ Ellison himself in this treasured interview shown only once some 33 years ago.

British Scientist Announcing Shahadah! Lost Interview with Arthur J. Ellison is Finally Here! Al Farouq Channel 3/25/2019 - Believed to be lost forever, the only appearance on tape of

The recording has been found sitting, under piles of dust, on a shelf in one Egyptian production company's warehouse. Producer Wagdy Al-Shennwy, a long life friend of mine, has been quite helpful at looking hard upon my request. He said that the show was acquired by his company, as well as hundreds of other property, from a defunct production house back in the early 90s. As it turned out that taping Ellison took place in late September 1985 in Cairo after participating in a Conference on Medical Scientific Signs in the Qur'an (Sep. 23 - 26). The event hosted papers presented by MD scientists from East and West. World renowned Embryologist Keith L. Moore was on top of the roster.
Arthur J. Ellison participated a remarkable paper presenting his findings about the 3 human states of consciousness in relation to his understanding of one Qur'anic verse.


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