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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

 Hakikat Kitabevi Online Free Islamic Books in Multiple Languages

Hüseyin Hilmi Işık (rahmat-Allahi ’alaih) published SE’ÂDET-İ EBEDİYYE(ENDLESS BLISS) in 1956. With the encouragement of the readers he also prepared the second part which was printed in 1957.These two books aroused so much an interest and attraction towards Islam in the youth and exposed him to a shower of questions.In order to answer these questions he published the third part in 1960 with explanations and additions from reliable sources. He put together these three volumes under the name SE’ÂDET-İ EBEDİYYE and had it printed as a single book in 1963.

Hüseyin Hilmi Işık (rahmat-Allahi ’alaih) established Işık Bookstore in 1966 whose name was subsequently changed to Hakikat Bookstore in order to print and distribute his books more efficiently. Stemming from interest in SE’ÂDET-İ EBEDİYYE and unceasing questions he made new additions to each edition and a unique work of 1248 pages was formed. This has been translated into English under the name Endless Bliss and printed by Hakikat Bookstore in six volumes.

In the following years new editions of SE’ÂDET-İ EBEDİYYE and other books written by Hüseyn Hilmi Işık in arabic, persian and turkish which were translated into many different languages have been continuously published.

Hüseyin Hilmi Işık (rahmat-Allahi ’alaih) has made compilations and translations from the most precious books and has pioneered to spread belief especially Ahl-i Sunnat wal Jamâ’at belief by simplifying it in a pure and plain fashion. He has introduced true Islam to all the people in the world and has spread hundreds of arabic and persian books into the whole world which were approved and praised by ahl as-Sunnat scholars.He has revived forgotten Islamic knowledge by clarifying thousands of issues in SE’ÂDET-İ EBEDİYYE and his other books. Bearing in mind the hadith (He who recovers one of my forgotten sunnats will receive as many thawâbs as a hundred martyrs will receive!) he wrote thoroughly about fard, wâjib, sunnat even mustahabs. He used to say that all these services were derived from sayyed Abdulhakeem Arvasi's favor and tasarruf (power to do himmat, to pay tawajjuh to others) and his excessive respect and affection towards Islam scholars.

He did not abstain from writing the truth in his books and used to say (Allâhu ta’âlâ is the only one to be feared) but at the same time he cared a lot not to cause fitna((discord and trouble)and to obey the laws of state.He said a muslim obeys Islam and does not commit sin,obeys laws of state and does not commit any crime.He often read the hadith (Love of one’s country originates from one’s îmân).


Huseyin Hilmi Isik Naqshbandi RA Biography


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