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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mevlidi Sherif - Suleyman Chelebi

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Mevlidi Sherif - Suleyman Chelebi

Welcome,O high prince,we welcome you!
Welcome,O mine of wisdom,we welcome you!
Welcome,O secret of the Book,we welcome you!
Welcome,O medicine for pain,we welcome you!
Welcome,O sunlight and moonlight of God!
Welcome,O you not separated from God!
Welcome,O nightingale of the Garden of Beauty!
Welcome,O friend of the Lord of Power!
Welcome,O refuge of your community!
Welcome,O helper of the poor and destitute!
Welcome,O eternal soul,we welcome you!
Welcome,O cupbearer of the lovers,we welcome you!
Welcome,O darling of the Beloved!
Welcome,O much beloved of the Lord!
Welcome,O Mercy for the worlds!
Welcome,O intercessor of the sinners!
Only for you were Time and Space created ...

(From: And Muhammad is His Messanger,The Veneration of the Prophet in Islamic Piety,by: Annemarie Schimmel)


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