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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mawlid in Afghanistan

Wolesi Jirga (Afghan Parliment) celebrates Milad Ul Nabi (the birthday of the great messenger of Islam Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) today. This celebration began with Quran Kareem’s recitation and Mohammadd Younis Qanooni the speaker of WJ warmly congratulated the arrival of this auspicious day to all Afghan Muslim Nation and said: this is the day when the Prophet Mohammad Mustafa (saws) the great messenger, savior of humanity, the overlord of the universe entered this world. From the first moment of his birth ,God’s endowments and miracle took place and the palace of Kasra ruined, the fire temple of Zoroastrians snuffed and the idols of Kaabah collapsed. These phenomenons were the signs of the Lord’s mercy for human salvation from the darkness towards the light of monotheism and the way to salvation for the humanity by Islam and the Messenger of God (saws).


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