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Friday, March 27, 2009

Qasidah:Mawlana Khalid al-Baghdadi (r.a)

Mawlana Khalid al-Baghdadi (Kuddisa sirruh),
the mujaddid of the thirteenth century expressed his love as follows:
O the most beautiful of the beautiful,
you burn me with your love!
I care nothing; always with your dream is my mind!
You are the Shah of "Kaba Qawsain", and me a disobedient slave,
How can this confused speak of being a guest of you?
When you glanced once with pity, you enlivened dead hearts,
Refuging your endless mercy, I knocked at your door.
The source of goodness, the ocean of pity you are!
Favor me a drop, I am at a loss of remedy!
Everybody comes to Mecca, Kaba, Safa and Marwa.
As for me, for you I passed over mounts and hills.
Last night I dreamt of my head touching the skies,
I felt as if your servants had stepped on my neck.
O Hadrat Jami, the nightingale of my darling!
From amongst your poems, I selected this couplet:
'Like many dogs, with tongues hanging down,
Hoping a tiny drop, to your ocean of favor I came'."


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