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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Biography of Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a)1841-1951 Part 7

Biography of Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a)1841-1951,Sirat Amir e Millat Part 7
Pilgrimages & Ziyara ( Hajj wa Ziyara)
Sudden Decision to go for Hajj after listening to Na'at (Devotional Poetry in praise of Prophet .saws.):
Hazrat Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a) was staying at Potalian Mosque in Lahore after a long trip in 1916. It was winter and he had high fever.Mir Hidayatullah (Pricipal Medical College,Amirtasir),Mir Habibullah and Hafiz Anwar Ali Rohtaki (Judge) were visiting.He was informed that Hafiz Peeli Bheeti is here to pay respect.Hafiz Khalil Ahmad Peeli Bheeti was a honorary judge and famous Na'atiya Poet.Hazrat apologized from Hafiz Ji for not been able to stand up to welcome him because he deserves to be honored for his devotional poetry in praise of beloved Prophet (saws) and then asked him if has written a new na'at.Hafiz Ji opened his Na'at Collection and recited this na'at:
Za'iroon ke bheer ho,Rouza Tera ho ,Mein na hoon
Wa'ay nakami ke ik khaq e Khuda ho,Mein na hoon
crowds of visitors at your Rouza ( Prophet's Tomb),and I am not there
O' my bad luck,there is God's Creation and I am not there
Hazrat asked Hafiz Ji to repeat it and took the blanket off.Hafiz Ji then read the second verse.
Sadqay ess Rouzay kay jis par sar say,dil say,jan say
ik jahan,ik khalq,ik alim fida ho,mein na hoon
My life,heart and head be sacrificed at this Rouza
A world,a creation,a universe is in love and I am not there.
Mein wo radd e khalq thaira hoon ke Bazm e Shah mein
Uns ho, Jinn ho, Firashta ho, Hawa ho,Mein na hoon
I am the rejected one,In king's court
are humans,jinns,angels and wind but I am not there.
At this point Hazrat was sitting as if he has no fever,was praising the poetry and was in state of ectacy
Mein Wahan Hoon Wo Wahan Hoon ya Na Hoon,Par yeh na ho
Shah kay darbar mein churcha meira ho,Mein na Hoon.
I am there,He is there or not,but this should not happen
In King's court,I am being mentioned and I am not there.
Hazrat became resless,came out of room to the mosque and asked Haji Buta to pack the bags and leave for Madinah. During the travel on the ship he continued to repeat the verse.
Shah kay Darbar mein churcha meira ho,mein na hoon


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