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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Biography of Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a)1841-1951 Part 9

THe Golden Gate of Prophet Muhammad's Tomb (saws)
Biography of Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a)1841-1951 Part 9
Sirat Amir e Millat
Hajj and Ziyara
Love and Adab of Prophet (saws).
Hazrat Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah (r.a) had pure love (Ishq e Kamil) and great respect (Adab) for Prophet (saws). As soon as he reached Madinah, he always performed ritual bath and then visited the Prophet (saws) to offer Salam with great humility and love. His face will change colours and perspire even in winters and he will tremble with awe & emotions since this was the court (darbar) of king of kings. During Ottoman period he was allowed to spend entire night inside the Rouza Sharif (Tomb). This was a great honour and privilege and also had permission to take four disciples with him. Allah Taala says in Quran " Qul in Kuntum Tuhibbuna-llaha Fa-t-Tabi'uni Yuhbibakumu-llahu wa Yaghfir lakum Dhunubakum,wa-llahu Ghafurur-Rahim."
Say (O Muhammad)"If you love Allah then follow me , Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Forgiving,Merciful " Quran 3:31. Following (Iteba'a) becomes perfect when you follow Uswah e Hasana (Perfect Prophetic Role Model) at every step of the way.Once following the Prophet (saws) achieves perfection then develops the perfect love.Once love of Prophet (saws) is perfected then Allah Taala showers His blessings and blesses that person with His love which is the highest station. Hazrat Sayyid Jama'at Ali Shah had perfect faith (Iman) and belief (Eteqad) in Allah Taala 's Essence and Attributes . His goal was to follow Uswa e Hasana in every deed, matter and living moment. He was in constant state of Love of Prophet (Ishq e Rasul) saws. Before Hajj he will spend most of his time in Prophet's Presence (saws) in Madinah. He was blessed with Ziyarat-e-Rasul in sleep and when awake.His spiritual status and nearness to Prophet (saws) has been narrated in dreams of many pious persons.He received the title of Qutb and Ghawth. May Allah Taala increase his darajat. Amin


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