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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Excerpts from Nafahat al-'Uns: The Lives of Notable Figures of the Spiritual Path

Nafhatul Uns Urdu, Abdur Rahman Jami, نفحات الانس اردو, مولانا ...Excerpts from Nafahat al-'Uns: The Lives of Notable Figures of the Spiritual Path
by Sidi Ruslan Moore
Khwaja Muhammad Baba SammasiMay Allah the Exalted bestow His mercy upon him!
He was the deputy of the venerable Khwaja 'Azizan ['Ali Ramitani]. It was he who adopted the venerable Khwaja Baha' ad-Din Naqshband as his son. Whenever he passed by the place called Qasr-i Hinduwan [Palace of the Indians], he used to say: "The scent of a hero emanates from this place. This Qasr-i Hinduwan will very soon become Qasr-i 'Arifin [Palace of the Truly Wise]." He eventually went out one day from the residence of Sayyid Amir Kulal, who was one of his deputies, and headed towards Qasr-i Hinduwan, saying: "That scent has grown stronger now. It seems that the child has been born!" When he reached Qasr-i Hinduwan, the venerable Khwaja Baha' ad-Din's birth had in fact occurred just three days earlier. His grandfather held him close to his breast, offered a perfect prayer of supplication, and handed him over to the venerable Khwaja Muhammad Baba, who said: "This is our son. We have adopted him!" Turning to his companions who were present with him, he went on to say: "This is the hero whose scent came to our notice. He will become the paragon of his age." He then said to Sayyid Amir Kulal: "You must not fail to provide my son Baha' ad-Din with training and kind treatment. If you are negligent in this, I shall not make any right of mine lawful to you!" Amir Kulal replied: "If I fall short in fulfilling the Khwaja's behest, no hero am I!" According to the venerable Khwaja Baha' ad-Din: "When I wished to get married, my grandfather sent me to the venerable Khwaja Muhammad Baba in Sammas, so that, through his blessed grace, events might take their proper course. When I had the honour of meeting him, the first charismatic marvel that I witnessed was the following: "One night, I had an experience in which the spiritual state of humility and supplication came upon me. I got up and went to his place of worship. I performed two cycles of ritual prayer. Then I put my head down in prostration, displaying a complete state of humility and supplication. At that point, these words streamed from my tongue: 'O my God, grant me the charismatic gift of strength to bear the weight of the trial and endure the test of love!' "When the morning came, I entered the venerable Khwaja's presence, and he told me: 'O my son, this is what ought to be said in the prayer of supplication: "O my God, by Your gracious favor and Your noble generosity, make this feeble servant firmly committed to that in which Your good pleasure resides!" If the Lord of Truth (Exalted is He) decides, by virtue of His wisdom, to inflict tribulation upon a servant, He will endow him by His providential care with the strength to bear that burden. He will also reveal to him the wisdom of this affair. Choosing to seek tribulation is a difficult matter, and arrogance is unseemly.' "After this, he prepared the meal. Once we had eaten the meal, he gave me a loaf of bread. This thought occurred to my mind: 'We have eaten enough here to satisfy our hunger. We shall reach the house in an hour, so why do we need this bread?' He set out on the road, and I was following in his footsteps with perfect courtesy. If a distraction arose within me as we went along, he would say: 'It is necessary to guard the mind!' "On the road, he reached the dwelling of one of his loving friends. That person was greeted with perfect delight and respect. When we alighted at his home, an uneasiness was apparent in that poor dervish. On observing this, he asked him: 'What is really troubling you?' That poor dervish replied: 'There is an amount of clotted cream, but there is no bread here.' On hearing this, the Khwaja turned to me and said: 'Fetch that loaf of bread, for it has served its purpose at last!' After witnessing these spiritual states of his, my belief in the venerable Khwaja was increased."
May Allah be well pleased with him! (Coutesy: Sunni Path


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