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Friday, December 11, 2009

Hazrat Yaqoob Charkhi (Q)

Hazrat Yaqoob Charkhi (Q) was born in Charkh, a suburb of Ghazni, between the two cities of Qandhar and Kabul. In his youth, he went to Herat for education. Later, he also went to Egypt where he learned the Islamic sciences and courses of logic. He conned Holy Qur'an as well as 500,000 Hadiths, both the authentic or the dubious. One of his teachers was Shihabuddin Shirawani, known as living encyclopedia during his time. He excelled in education and was allowed to issue Fatwa (decree).After completing worldly education, the spark of attaining spiritual light kindled in his heart. Once in Fatahabad, where he lived at that time, he was meditating towards shrine of Shaikh Alam Saiful Haq Bakhirzi (R), he was revealed to go to Khwaja Naqshbandi (Q). He took journey to Qasr Arifan and subordinated to his allegiance and was blessed by his training. At the time of Khwaja Naqshband's (Q) demise, he was in town of Kash, so grieved and disappointed over the demise of Khwaja Naqshband (Q), he decided to join some other spiritual guides but again Khwaja Naqshband (Q) revealed him to go to Khwaja Attar (Q). Later he had his completion under the guidance of Khwaja Attar (Q).Hazrat Yaqoob Charkhi (Q) passed away in the village of Hulaftu, on Safar 5, 851 AH. or April 22, 1447 A.D. He had many deputies. He was succeeded by Khwaja Ahrar (Q).--Courtesy:Lauari Sharif


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