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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Khwaja Abdul Ahad Naqshbandi Mujaddadi (RA)

 Dergah,Mazar-Imam Rabbani & Family Khwaja Abdul Ahad, known as Khwaja Wahdat (Q), was the fifth son of Khwaja Muhammad Saeed (Q) and commonly known as Shah Gul Sa'di(Q). He got his early education from his father. Later he joined the disciples of his uncle Khwaja Muhammad Masoom(Q) and completed under his benevolent guidance and became a pole of spiritualism.Khwaja Abdul Ahad (Q) was a strict observer of religious obligations and Sufi rituals proposed by Imam-e-Rabbani (Q). Besides he had contributed substantially for preaching Naqshbandia order. He had written a number of letters to Mughal elite and impressing upon them to correct their faith. His deputies were many in number who travelled far and wide and initiated The Naqshbandia order in Arabia and Africa. He had good sense of poetry also. 'Wahdat' was his penname in his verses. His poetic works include a Dewan and Mathnavi Chahar Chamman, besides a number of books on religion and Sufism.In his last days, he went to Shahjehanabad saying that Sikhs would attack Sirhind. In fact, after two or three months Sikhs attacked Sirhind. Khwaja Abdul Ahad (Q) passed away on Dhul Hajj 27, 1127 AH., December 24, 1716 A.D. His body was taken to Sirhind and was laid to rest near the hermitage of Khwaja Imam-e-Rabbani (Q). He was succeeded by his son Khwaja Muhammad Hanif (Q). Courtesy : Luari Sharif-


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