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Friday, December 11, 2009

Khwaja Muhammad Zahid (Q)

Khwaja Muhammad Zahid (Q) was the most glorious disciple of Khwaja Ubaidullah Ahrar (Q). He belonged to Samarqand and descendant of the daughter of Hazrat Yaqoob Charkhi. He met Khwaja Ahrar (Q) in village of Shadiman while on his journey to Herat, Afghanistan circa 895 AH., or 1490 A.D.Khwaja Zahid (Q) went to visit Khwaja Ahrar (Q) when he was in the village for some personal engagement. Khwaja Ahrar (Q) read his intentions and asked Khwaja Zahid (Q) that there was no need to go to Herat. Despite deepest impression of spiritual power of Khwaja Ahrar, Khwaja Zahid (Q) was still intending to go to Herat but not without permission of Khwaja Ahrar.One day Khwaja Ahrar (Q) called him and took him to his place. Khwaja Ahrar (Q) took hold of his hand and Khwaja Zahid (Q) immediately achieved. This way Khwaja Ahrar (Q) entered Khwaja Zahid (Q) into the laity of Naqshbandia Saints.Khwaja Ahrar (Q) granted him permission to leave for Herat with certain admonishments to avoid: company of corrupt scholars who exploit religion; the dancing Sufis, who are like children; and, arguments of the philosophers and the people who understand nothing of Tassawwuf (Sufism).Khwaja Zahid (Q) headed towards Bukhara but he returned back from Tashkent to Samarqand where Khwaja Ahrar (Q) lived. For many years, Khwaja Zahid (Q) lived in Samarqand with him, until Khwaja Ahrar (Q) left this world.Shaikh Muhammad Zahid (Q) died on Rabi-al-Awwal 12, 936 AH., or November 3, 1529 A.D., in Samarqand. He was succeeded by to his nephew, and his pious deputy Darvesh Muhammad Samarqandi (Q).


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