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Monday, December 7, 2009

PERSIAN NA'AT-MAWLANA JAMI - Tanam Farsooda Jaa Para-(تنم فرسودہ جاں پارہ ز ہجراں، یا رسول اللہ ۖ)

MAWLANA JAMI 's Farsi Na'at recited by Zulfiqar Ali (QTV)
(تنم فرسودہ جاں پارہ ز ہجراں، یا رسول اللہ ۖ) تنم فرسودہ جاں پارہ ز ہجراں، یا رسول اللہ ۖ دلم پژمردہ آوارہ ز عصیاں، یا رسول اللہ ۖ چوں سوۓ من گذر آری، من مسکین ز ناداری فداۓ نقش نعلینت کنم جاں، یا رسول اللہ ۖ زجام حب تو مستم ، با ز... تنم فرسودہ جاں پارہ ز ہجراں، یا رسول اللہ ۖدلم پژمردہ آوارہ ز عصیاں، یا رسول اللہ ۖچوں سوۓ من گذر آری، من مسکین ز ناداریفداۓ نقش نعلینت کنم جاں، یا رسول اللہ ۖزجام حب تو مستم ، با زنجیر تو دل بستمنمی گویم کی من بستم سخنداں، یا رسول اللہ ۖز کردہ خیش حیرانم، سیاہ شد روز عصیانمپشیمانم، پشیمانم، پشیمانم، یا رسول اللہ ۖچوں بازوۓ شفاعت را کشا بر گناہگاراںمکن محروم جامی را در آں، یا رسول اللہ Tanam Farsooda jaa para Ze Hijra Ya Rasulullah--Dillam Pazh Murda Aawara, Ze IsyaaN. Ya Rasulullah! My body is dissolving in your separationAnd my soul is breaking into pieces. Ya Rasulullah!Due to my sins, My heart is weak and becoming enticed. Ya Rasulullah! Choon Sooe Mun Guzar Aari, Manne Miskeen Zanaa DaariFida-E-Naqsh-E-Nalainat, Kunam Ja. Ya Rasulullah! When you pass by me, Then even in my immense poverty, ecstatically,I must sacrifice my soul on your blessed sandal. Ya Rasulullah! Ze Jaame Hubb To Mustam, Ba Zanjeere To Dil BustamNumi Goyam Ke Mun Bustum, Sukun Daa. Ya Rasulullah! I am drowned in the taste of your love And the chain of your love binds my heart.Yet I dont say that I know this language (of love). Ya Rasulullah! Ze Kharda Khaish HairaanamSiyaa Shud Roze IsyaanamPashemaanam, Pashemaanam, Pashemaanam. Ya Rasulullah! I am worried due to my misdeeds;And I feel that my sins have blackened my heart. Ya RasulullahI am in distress! I am in distress! I am in distress! Ya Rasulullah! Choon Baazooe Shafaaat RaaKhushaaI Bar GunaagaraMakun Mahruume Jaami RaaDaraa Aan. Ya Rasulullah! Ya Rasulullah! When you spread your hands to intercede for the sinners,Then do not deprive Jaami of your exalted intercession.
Farsi Naat by Sayyid Fasih ud Din Suhrwardi
Nur ad-Din Abd ar-Rahman Jami (1414--1492) was one of the greatest Persian poets in the 15th century and one of the last great Sufi poets.In his role as Naqshbandi Sufi Shaykh, Jami expounded a number of teachings regarding following the Sufi path. In his view, love was the fundamental stepping stone for starting on the spiritual journey. To a student who claimed never to have loved, he said, "Go and love first, then come to me and I will show you the way."Jami wrote approximately eighty-seven books and letters, some of which have been translated into English. His works range from prose to poetry, and from the mundane to the religious. He has also written works of history. Among his works are: Baharistan (Abode of Spring) Nafahat al-Uns (Breaths of Fellowship) Biographies of the Sufi saints Haft Awrang (Seven Thrones) His major poetical work. The fifth of the seven stories is his acclaimed "Yusuf and Zulaykha" which tells the story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife based on the Quran. Lawa'ih A treatise on Sufism Diwanha-i Sehganeh (Triplet Divans) Tajnīs ’al-luġāt (Homonymy/Punning of Languages) A lexicographical work containing homonymous Persian and Arabic lemmata.--Wikipedia


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