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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sufism: A Wayfarer's Guide to the Naqshbandi Way


Sufism: A Wayfarer's Guide and Naqshbandi Way by Shaikh Amin 'Ala ...

A Wayfarer’s Guide to the Naqshbandi Way

Originally written in Kurdish by Shaikh Amīn ‘alā ad-Dīn an-Naqshbandī
Translated into Arabic by Dr. Muḥammad Sharīf Aḥmad
English translation (from the arabic) by Muhtar Holland
with a Preface by: Shaikh Muhammad Ma‘sum Naqshbandi (ra)
Forwards by:
Professor Shaikh ‘Abd al-Karīm, Arthur F. Buehler, and Abdal Hakim Murad

SUFISM: A Wayfarer’s Guide to the Naqshbandi Way, unlike almost all books on sufism
in english, provides a window on the living sufism of the Khalidi-naqshbandi sufis of
This text is quite unique, as it contextualizes the practice of sufism both his-
torically and within the islamic religious milieu, clarifying many types of questions non-sufis typically ask.
The author discusses the full spectrum of stations that sufis experience, from repentance to servanthood, before outlining fifteen common altered states of consciousness (sing. hal). This is followed by a detailed discussion of sufi technical terms and praiseworthy and blameworthy attributes.
The final part of the book discusses the Naqshbandi path in detail. given its comprehensive content, this book provides a solid basis upon which to understand Sufism as it is practiced. it is will be of use to those who have never read about Sufism as well as those who are well read in Sufi literature translated into English. what you have in your hands is a serious treatise on Sufism; it is an owner’s manual for Sufi practice (though it is not a substitute for an actual Sufi teacher).

An invaluably thorough manual of Khalidi-naqshbandi spiritual method, this text
highlights the depths of the islamic revelation in its most authentic form.
— T. J. Winter, Cambridge University

A Wayfarer’s Guide is an important step forward on the understanding of the naqsh-
bandi-Khalidi lineage, especially in the way that the shariah of islam is harmonized
with its inner dimension, in the effectiveness of naqshbandi contemplative practices,
and the resulting transformations. an unusual synthesis of the naqshbandi teaching
written in a clear language and a very didactic approach, amin `ala al-din al-naqsh-
bandi’s book is a worthwhile exposition of sufism written by a prominent shaykh of a
famous sufi family in the Kurdish area of iraq.
— Thierry Zarcone, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris

It is much to be welcomed that this concise introduction to sufism, as understood by
the Khalidi branch of the naqshbandi order, is now available in a clear and straightfor-
ward english, in addition to the Kurdish original and arabic and Persian translations.
Particularly useful are the definitions of the technical terms of sufism. recommended
as an antidote to the psuedo-sufi literature now proliferating on the market.
— Hamid Algar, University of California, Berkeley
Sufism: A Wayfarer's Guide to the Naqshbandi Way available at ...
Sufism: A Wayfarer's Guide to the Naqshbandi Way available at ...
This Book was printed by Richmond Printing ,published by Fons Vitae and has been funded by Naqshbandiya Foundation for Islamic Education (NFIE).Keep us in your Duas.Ahmed Mirza M.D. Servant,NFIE


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