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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hazrat Khwaja Haji Safiyyullah Mujaddidi Kabuli (1156-1212 AH)

Hazrat Khwājā Hājī Safiyyullāh Mujaddidī Kābulī (1156-1212 AH) was a great shaykh of the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Sufi order in Kabul (now Afghanistan). He is said to be a Qayyūm, the highest spiritual rank among the Awliya of Mujaddidi tariqah.

He was born on 4 Dhu al-Qa’da 1156 AH at Sirhind (India), though he lived in Kabul (Afghanistan). His birth and high spiritual ranks were predicted by his ancestors. He was born as a wali and many Karāmāt are reported from his childhood. His father passed away while he was a child, so he received the spiritual training in the Mujaddidi tariqah from his eldest brother Shāh Ghulām Muhammad Sirhindī (d. 1177 AH).

1. Imām Rabbānī Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī (971-1034 AH)
1.3. Imām Muhammad Ma’sūm Sirhindī (1007-1079 AH)
1.3.1. Khwājā Muhammad Sibghatullāh Sirhindī (1033-1122 AH) Khwājā Muhammad Ismā’īl Sirhindī (d. 1136 AH) Khwājā Ghulām Muhammad Ma’sūm Sirhindī (d. 1161 AH) Khwājā Safiyyullāh Mujaddidī Kābulī (1156-1212 AH)

His khulafā are said to be 28, among them were the following:
His niece was appointed by him as a spiritual deputy, a rare example of a woman Sufi shaykh.
Shaykh Fazalullāh Sirhindi, author of Umdat-ul-Maqāmāt (Persian) which is a collection of biographies of the Sufi masters of Sirhindi family
Shaykh Ziā-ul-Haqq Shaheed Sirhindi
Makhdoom Muhammad Ibrāhīm Thattvī who was himself a popular Sufi master and scholar in Sindh.

Khwājā Safiyyullāh passed away in Yemen while on a journey to Hajj, in Dhu al-Qa’ada 1212 AH. His Janazah prayer was offered by his khalifa Makhdoom Muhammad Ibrāhīm. He was buried in the coastal city of Al Hudaydah, Yemen. Courtesy:


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