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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Naqshbandi Dhikr

Naqshbandi Dhikr
The Qalb (heart) is located two finger-widths below the left nipple in the chest, somewhat oriented towards the side. When the shaykh teaches this lesson to a new seeker, he places his right index finger on this place and says “Allāh Allāh Allāh”, while exerting his spiritual Tawajjuh on his heart (this method is only for men, women are taught verbally).
The method of Zikr is this: the disciple, after being taught this lesson by the master, starts proclaiming the Personal Name of God, Allāh Allāh Allāh, in his heart by way of meditation. The tongue is not used in this method, rather it is recommended to touch it to the upper side of mouth to keep it silent. The seeker should clear the mind of all unnecessary thoughts and should keep busy in this Zikr at all times, even during the work.
Initially, it might be hard to do this Zikr at all times due to external distractions. But slowly, by practice and by the Shaykh’s blessings, the heart becomes used to this Zikr so much that no 
further effort is required to do the Zikr. It becomes automated like breath


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