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Monday, September 19, 2016

Devotional Poetry in the Praise of the Beloved Prophet (saws) - Walid Lounès Bouzerar

The Soul’s Meansﷺ
To escape every difficulty
The Gate to Tranquilityﷺ
The Remedyﷺ
To every predicament-stricken entity
Sent as a Lightﷺ, beautifying every crevice in
The lands and the heavens, every sentient beings Medicineﷺ
Mercy to the Worldsﷺ, means mercy to the worlds
Mercyﷺ to the humans, jinns, the trees, the bees, the seas, the birds
Mercyﷺ to the soil, the lakes, the seeds, the deeds, the thoughts, the words
Mercyﷺ to the boys, the girls, the last, the first, the best, the worst
Mercyﷺ to the blessed and cursed, the who? O yes the cursed too
Mercyﷺ bursting like a Sun, with rays that shun no piece of earth
Nursing every seedling buried, in good keeping from their birthﷺ
Mercy to the piousﷺ, mercy to the sinners; Mercyﷺ
Mercy to the wise, mercy to the fools; Mercyﷺ
Mercy to the living, mercy to the dead; Mercyﷺ
Mercy to the knowers, mercy to the ignorant; Mercyﷺ
Mercy to the leaves, the blades of grassﷺ
Mercy extraordinary, mercy fragrant, mercy unsurpassedﷺ
Mercy to the cattle, mercy during peace and battleﷺ
Mercy during rest and travel, mercy, mercy, O mercy to dazzleﷺ
A healing mercy, feeding mercy, scenting mercyﷺ
Opening hearts, blessing the souls, quenching the thirstyﷺ
A loving mercy, simple mercy, tender mercyﷺ
Free mercy, countless mercies in this mercyﷺ
Merciful Lord, bless and send peace to Your Mercy to the Worldsﷺ
By the number of manifestations of Your mercy
By the scope, the strength and power of Your mercy
We pray for his merciful touch, merciful gazeﷺ
We pray for mercy to reach, mercy to praise
O Possessor of the Mercy to raise
Mercy to guide, Mercy to daze
Guide us to Merciful ways, Merciful days
Merciful Truth, Merciful graze
In the Garden of Your Merciful Vision
We ask for Your Merciful Admission
Keep us firm in the mercy of his Traditionﷺ
Bless, O Allah, the mercy to our Souls, our hearts, our mindsﷺ
Bless, O Allah, the merciful conveyor of Your Signsﷺ
Bless, O Allah, the beauty by which every heart is mesmerizedﷺ
Bless, O Allah, he through who every guided Soul is made to riseﷺ
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar,

Founder and Author at ‎Dar al-Habibﷺ‎
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