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Monday, September 19, 2016

In Praise of the Prophet ﷺ -Your Sublime Countenanceﷺ -Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Your Sublime Countenanceﷺ
O Messenger of Allāhﷺ – I seek your news
Were I to bask in the Light of your Presenceﷺ
That my sins be washed from my heart 
For they would flee swiftly in their reverence
Were I to kiss your velvety handﷺ
And pull in the musk in all its pleasanceﷺ
From your blessed pores to my thirsty lungsﷺ
O that my heart be consumed in your Essenceﷺ
O Muḥammad – dress me in the garb of your Lightsﷺ
Ennoble my Soul with your eternal acceptanceﷺ
O Prophet of Allāhﷺ – how I long to behold
Your sublime countenance and holy attendanceﷺ
O Light of my heartﷺ, visit me in my dream
Glance upon me and pray for my accepted repentanceﷺ
O Messenger of Allāhﷺ – pray for Mercy upon me
And that my company be adorned by your descendantsﷺ
That my Soul be dressed in your beautiful characterﷺ
That my heart be ornamented with your resplendenceﷺ
Pray for our Souls, and that our hearts embrace your Presenceﷺ
O Prophet of Allahﷺ – Pray for our Shuyūkh and for our Parents
Pray for our loved ones, our families and our dependents
O Allāh – Unite us with Your Beloved Prophet in the Heavensﷺ
O Allāh – From Your creation grant us complete independence
O Allāh – On this night shower us with Your Celestial Presents
O Allāh – Grant us a Light from You that increases and never lessens
Send Your peace and blessings upon the Master of the Worldsﷺ
Master of all Creatures, Prophets, Messengers and Dimensionsﷺ
With a prayer that joins our Souls with him like drops with the Seaﷺ
And multiply it by the amount that his name receives Divine Mentionsﷺ
A prayer that purifies our words, deeds, thoughts and intentionsﷺ
A prayer that expels all doubts and answers all of our questionsﷺ
A prayer that annihilates all of our difficulties and tensionsﷺ
A prayer that brings to life our Souls, hearts and sensesﷺ
A prayer that brings Muḥammad through our dreamscape's entrancesﷺ
- Lounès, In Praise of the Prophet ﷺ
Compiment of Walid Lounès Bouzerar


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