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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rumi:O people who have gone on the piligrimage, where are you? Where are you?! The Beloved is right here! Come here, come now!"-Dr.Alan Godlas

Rumi (the whole poem from the Divan-e Shams and nine vocal renditions):
O people who have gone on the piligrimage, where are you?
Where are you?!
The Beloved is right here! Come here, come now!
Your Beloved is your neighbor, Her wall adjoining yours.
Wandering in the wilderness, what are you desiring?
If you see the faceless face of the Beloved,
you will be the master, the house, and the Ka'ba.
Ten times you went to that house on that road.
So one time ascend from this house above this roof!
That house is benevolently beautiful, you've described its features;
but now display a feature of the Master of that house!
Who cares about a bouquet of flowers if you're given a garden?!
Who cares about one pearl of the soul if you're from God's ocean?!
Given all of this, that agony you feel is your treasure!
It's pity that you are the veil on your own treasure!
(Translation, A.Godlas Nov. 2016)
ای قوم به حج رفته کجایید کجایید
معشوق همین جاست بیایید بیایید
معشوق تو همسایه و دیوار به دیوار
در بادیه سرگشته شما در چه هوایید
گر صورت بی‌صورت معشوق ببینید
هم خواجه و هم خانه و هم کعبه شمایید
ده بار از آن راه بدان خانه برفتید
یک بار از این خانه بر این بام برآیید
آن خانه لطیفست نشان‌هاش بگفتید
از خواجه آن خانه نشانی بنمایید
یک دسته گل کو اگر آن باغ بدیدیت
یک گوهر جان کو اگر از بحر خدایید
با این همه آن رنج شما گنج شما باد
افسوس که بر گنج شما پرده شمایید
My favorite version by far is the Qawwali style version of the whole gazal by the Afghan vocalist, Rahim Mehryar (d. 2010).
The whole ghazal is sung here by Sonbol Taefi to the accompaniment of an entire western orchestra: . Since I am generally a purist regarding the singing of classical Sufi poetry, I do not usually like non-classical arrangements, but the orchestral arrangement is excellent and Sonbol Taefi sings her heart out.
Here are a few other non-classical arrangements of it:
Vocals by Shakila, very sweet voice:
Vocals by Salar Aghili w/western orchestra .
Vocals by Hajir Mehrafrooz
Vocals by Aref:
Vocals by Babak Foruzan, electric guitar
Deepak Chopra reading it in English with pop musical accompaniment.
A modern Afghan version of it (although the sound quality is poor):
vocals by Ahmad Zahir


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