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Thursday, December 15, 2016

In Praise of the Beloved Prophet (saws) : Written on the road from Madinat ul-Munawwara back to Makkah.Walid Lounès Bouzerar

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Written on the road from Madinat ul-Munawwara back to Makkah.
Caught in His Netﷺ
Lamenting sighs
Of lovers departing
The City of Light
Piercing my heart
My body craving
Proximity to the Dweller
Beneath that Green Domeﷺ
No my heart is too weak
And this Light has engulfed itﷺ
And these steps away
From its home is just
Barely less than torture
I am a simple man
With simple words
And a simple love
But I am caught in the net
Of Muhammad the Beloved of Godﷺ
Nothing pains my heart quite like
Stepping away from your golden gatesﷺ
O Muhammadﷺ have Mercy on me
And you are for it
Be with me then in spirit
O God you know my state
And my weakness is made plain
So O God make swift my return
And for every sincere lover
Whose heart burns as mine
Fragile but Unrelenting
Wind this flame O lover
For your life is in this burning
O Allah send your peace and blessings
Upon this Light my heart weeps for
Upon this Beloved my tears seep for
Upon Muhammad
O Muhammadﷺ
Take us by the hand
Now and forever
And may this burning love
Live on for Eternity
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar


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