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Thursday, December 15, 2016

In the Praise of the Most Praised (saws) - 14 Rabi'l-Awwal Aswan, Egypt- Lounès Bouzerar

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14 Rabi'l-Awwal
Aswan, Egypt
O my heart, do not dream except
That you first place yourself at the bottom of our grave
For as long as you are conscious of my imminent death
Than I worry not where you wander off to with your dreaming
And as long as you remember that our breaths are numbered
Then I trust you will not transgress the rights of Reality
O my heart, the grave is a lonely place
There are no colors there just pitch black darkness
O my heart, there are no friends there
Nor are there beautiful sounds nor beautiful sights
Nor are there beautiful scents nor beautiful tastes
Except for the one the Lord Most High has showered Mercy upon
O my heart how would you like to have a friend there
How would you like for Muhammadﷺ to visit you
My trembling heart there is nothing in your way but your heedlessness
My dreaming heart there is nothing between you and Muhammadﷺ
Except whims and desires and the passing fancies of this lower world
If you can transcend that, then may your companion be Muhammadﷺ
By the Will and Grace of the Lord Most High
And may this most beautiful companion's fragrance permeate youﷺ
O my heart, may Muhammad's beautiful face dazzle youﷺ
May his velvety touch throw you into an ecstatic blissﷺ
May his piercing black eyes take you spinning to the Throne of Godﷺ
May Muhammad's black locks wrap around you like a safety blanketﷺ
May his melodious voice enrapture you till the seventh Heavenﷺ
O my beloved heart, so you see, the path is easy
Enter the grave before you are made to enter it
From the clay we came, to the clay we shall return
And as for our dreams, O heart, wrap them in selflessness
And place them in the hands of the Master of the first and last
Muhammad the Truthful One, Carrier of the Divine Trust
May the blessings of God and His peace be upon him
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar


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