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Sunday, January 8, 2017

" ONE GOD" Poem by Walid Lounès Bouzerar

The Makkan Litany by Walid Lounes Bouzerar
The One God
My name is the newly begotten
And my Lord is He Who begets not
Nor is He begotten nor does He forget
al-Ahad, al-Samad, who Brought Forth and Taught
He Says to a thing “Be” so it is
Reason cannot encompass Him nor can thought
Though He is always found when He is Sought
Blessed is the Name of He in Whose Hands we were Wrought
Allah, al-Hayy, al-Qayyum, al-Muhyi, al-Mumit
al-Wahid, al-Ahad, al-Fard, al-Samad
Through His Providing we drink and we feed
The One Sustainer, our Self-Subsisting God
His Plotting Overpowers every creature's plot
Every man is compelled by He who Created him from a clot
Every intention against His Will leads to naught
Blessed is this Divine Net in which we are caught!
He is All-Pure, All-Perfect, All-Seeing, All-Hearing
Who is heedful of Him is blessed, who is heedless is flawed
He is al-Jabbar, al-Qahhar, blessed are the God-fearing
Who in the day and in the night by His Jalal are awed
And the first creation He Fashioned is a Resplendent Lightﷺ
And thus the first created and the last to be sent is this Messenger of Godﷺ
Muhammad, Ahmad, Mustafa, Mahmood, Creation's Highest Heightﷺ
al-Amin, al-Matin, al-Ra'uf, al-Rahim, whom the Lord did laudﷺ
The oneﷺ not taught by creature's writings nor their flawed thoughts
But directly by hisﷺ Creator, the Infinitely Wise, All-Knowing God
Who was presentﷺ with us on the Day of “We witness You are our God”
And his messageﷺ is an exegesis of this Day of Alast, for those who forgot
Blessed is his existenceﷺ, blessed is what Muhammad has broughtﷺ
Blessed is this Divine Market in which believers' selves are bought
O Allah, bless this Perfect Exemplar for Manﷺ , who errs not
Our Master, the Coolness of our Eyes, the Blessed Messenger of Godﷺ
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar


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