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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Hajj Shaykh Ahmad Shams Ad-Din Naqshbandi Khalidi Uthmani (RA)

Hajj Shaykh Ahmad Shams Ad-Din Naqshbandi Khalidi Uthmani (RA)

He is the fourth son of Shaykh Uthman Siraj ad-Din 1.He was a juristic scholar and a reclusive traveler of the Path (Salik).He dwelled the Village of Ahmad Awa near the river of Zalm in the district of Khuramal, there, he built a takiya for worship. He was the symbol of abstinence, piety, asceticism, probity tahajud and night vigil in prayer and worship (Qiyam al Layl).He journeyed to Istanbul and visited Sultan Al Hamid who presented to the family a few holy hairs of the Prophet ( Blessings & Peace be upon him) entitled “ The Beauties” (al mahasin).He performed pilgrimage to the Sacred Sanctuary ( al Bayt al Haram: the Ka’ba).Following his return, he was martyred with plague in the year 1308H and was buried in his father’s graveyard in Tawilah.
He was sanctioned (mujaz) on the part of his father Shaykh  Siraj ad-Din and was spiritual guide (murshid) but for the sake  of Shaykh Umar Diya ad-Din, and as courtesy to him, he did not preside for Guidance.
Amongst his children were: Shaykh Habib, who served under Shaykh Najm ad-Din and ShaykhAla’ad-Din with utmost cheeriness and zeal.
Shaykh HIdayat who was a pious, propitious, religious person. He was reciter of Qur’an with comely tajwid. He dwelled the village of Nizl near Surkoul, where he had a Khanqah and a school that he supervised.
Shaykh Abdullah who was the resident of Nizl. He was a learned scholar and a persistent worker in the mores of the Path(tariqa).
Source: Siraj Al Qulub, Lantern of Hearts by Shaykh Uthman Siraj ad Din An Naqshbandi 11 (RA)


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