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Monday, June 1, 2020

Shaykh Muhammad Uthman Siraj al-Din Naqshbandi (q)

Shaykh Muhammad Uthman Siraj al-Din Naqshbandi (q)

He was born in the village of Bayara, Halabja in Iraq in the year 1896. His father was the Naqshbandi Master, Shaykh Muhammad Ala’al-Din al-Husayni(q) a senior Scholar and Awliya of Kurdistan. It is reported that Shaykh Muhammad Ala’al-Din al-Husayni(q) once had a dream of the Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w) and recited some lines of his poetry in front of the Prophet(s.a.w). After he recited his poetry, the Prophet(s.a.w) placed a ring on Shaykh Ala’al-Din’s(q) hand and when the Shaykh awoke the blessed ring was still on his hand.

His father raised him in a household of piety and taught him the branches of sacred knowledge in his childhood. Shaykh Muhammad Uthman Siraj al-Din Naqshbandi(q) stood out in his youth for his character and his learning ability. He loved learning about the religion as a youth and loved reciting the Holy Quran.His character was of maturity beyond his age and this was evident in his manners in conduct with the Scholars and Shaykhs.

His further studies were in the field of public speaking. He learned the fiqh and scholarly sciences aswel as various Arabic sciences and the Persian language. He also studied tajwid under the renowned Qari Shaykh Mustafa Ismail(q) from Egypt.

After his father left the world in the year 1953 the responsibilities and duties of advising and guiding the people were left with him. The Shaykh treated many people who came to him using Prophet and Herbal Medicine which he was much learned in. He later travelled to Iran and settled there, continuing his teachings. Here he attracted many people and scholars would gather around him to learn from him.

The Shaykh established a school that accommodated hundreds of students. Here he would teach people the various fields of sacred knowledge. He would cover the expenses of all the students and take care of their needs. Through the success of the school the Shaykh would establish over a hundred schools in the region and it said that over a million people took the Naqshbandi path from his hands. The schools would be full of people reciting the Quran and practicing the daily litanies of the tariqah.

The people were attracted to his character and his beautiful appearance. He was authorised in both the Naqshbandi and the Qadiri tariqah’s. He was known for his strict adherence to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet(s.a.w). He would always wear a smile on his face and was full of compassion to all that came to him. At times he would be visited by hundreds of people yet he treated them all in the same manner. His life was spent in service of the religion from teaching people to looking after the poor and the destitute and he regarded himself as a servant of the poor.

After the beginning of the Iran and Iraq War, Shaykh Muhammad Uthman Siraj al-Din(q) moved to and settled in Turkey where he would live out his remaining years. His soul was taken by his Lord in the month of Ramadan and his body laid to rest in the Naqshbandi zawiya in Istanbul.

May Allah(s.w.t) sanctify his secret and grant us the love of his Awliya.



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