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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Shaykh Najm Ad-Din Naqshbandi Khalidi Uthmani (RA)

Michael J. Totten: Zarqawi Was Here

Shaykh Najm Ad-Din Naqshbandi Khalidi Uthmani (RA)

He was born in Biyarah and was raised in knowledge, abstinence and piety. He acquired a sufficient share of knowledge, anon he took the Exalted Naqshbandiya Order from his prominent uncle Shaykh Muhammad Baha Ad-Din and then from his father Shaykh Umar Diya Ad-Din. He succeeded his father after his death. He supported schools and students and devoted his attention to knowledge and scholars.
He consorted with jurists and pious, and he delighted in the secrets of revelation and the scholastic and jurisprudential books. He was far from worldly ostentation and ornamentations; an abstinent worshipper; an adept in the courses of the Path, the States(ahwal) of the order, and the stages (adwar) and stations (maqamat) of Sufism; and a spiritual physician, skilful in machination of self.
He became the lure of attention of the disciples and the ascribed, and the pursuit of the canonical scholars. He was, may Allah’s mercy be upon him, characterized with sound sedateness and righteousness.He was loved by literary people, the men of aphorism(wisdom) and the penmen. He had fine literature and eloquent soft poems overflowing with affection and scented with fragrance and love. His title in literature was the stellar and he himself was a piercing star in the Order and its mores. The subjects of his writings discussed Sufism, esoteric topics(ma’ani) and symbols (rumouz) which can not be apprehended save by who embraces his sublime mores.

Source: Siraj Al-Qulub “Lantern of Hearts” by Shaykh Muhammad Uthman Siraj Ad-Din An-Naqshbandi 11 (RA)


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