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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Shaykh Abdullah Noorudeen Durkee Passed Away - Obituaries - Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya an Ninowy & Dr. Abdal Haqq Godlas

 Obituary by Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya an-Ninowy 

Inna Lillah wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon.
To Allah Ta'ala we all belong, and to Him we all shall return.
With a heart filled with sorrow, deep sadness, and grief, yet full in Iman in Allah's decree and its wisdom, we can confirm that our beloved, brother, friend, and teacher; Shaykh Abdullah Nooruddin Durkee has passed on returning to His Loving and Merciful Creator.
Words are disappearing and cannot be found, especially that Sidi Abdullah Nooruddin was so close to our heart and to that of many around the US and the world.
His Zawiyah in Charlottesville, Va was a place where the poor received help, the hungry got some food, the student learned, the orphans received love and care, the seekers got their answers, and people sought refuge in for hope, love, learning, good company, and smiles..
When i first met him he struck me as a giant in Tasawuff and with him meeting some of the recent giants such as Sidi Shaykh Abd al-Halim Mahmood, the Shadhili master and the Grand Shaykh of Al-Azhar, Sidi Shaykh Salamah al-Radi, Sidi Shaykh Salih al-Ja'fari, and many others, such as his Shaykh Ibrahim al-Battawi, I felt that I was in the right company, may Allah Ta'ala bless them all and grant them the company of the Prophets and pious.
Now, Sidi Nooruddin also joins that chain of scholars and servants insha'Allah.
The departure of his Shaykh, Shaykh Ibrahim al-Battawi has impacted him a lot, but he kept the mission and vision, and vowed to remain on the footsteps until his last breath.
Sidi Nooruddin was among the first to translate the whole Qur'an with transliteration, and produced many publications about the Shadhili school of Tasawuff, which will forever be a treasure to have, may Allah Ta'ala grant him the best of rewards for all his struggle, efforts and works.
It is personally very painful to hear of Sidi Nooruddin's departure, and one is truly lost for words. Because hehas been through a lot in life, his wisdom evolved and eventually made him like a star you look up every now and then for guidance when lost. And there are fewer and fewer stars in the vast dark skies....This is yet another tremendous loss for the US and West in general. Sidi Nooruddin is difficult to be replaced. The balance and beauty that he left will forever remain with us, and we will be forever grateful that Allah Ta'ala facilitated for us to spend years with his presence and wisdom.
Our heart felt condolences to his family; Hajjah Norah, and their children. To all his students, murids, lovers, and truly all the Muslim world and all humanity.
With the world losing many who have a track record in working grass roots, struggling, helping, guiding, learning, teaching, working hard (and thus making mistakes in the process) and providing hope, one can only be more concerned and pleading to Allah Almighty Loving Creator for help for all.
Sidi Abdullah Nooruddin Durkee motto he embraced from Mawlana Moinuddin Chisti; love for all and malice towards none, will always be the motto we share, endear, and uphold.
His last text message to me he said: " you pray for me, and I'll pray for you. That's what makes the world go round".
Please join me in making Du'a and giving Sadaqah (no matter how little) on behalf of this beautiful and illuminated soul..
Sidi Abdullah Nooruddin was sitting like a lion in the conference (pic below) in the UK, where we had the honor of being with him.
I will never forget his loving smile, warm welcomes, and gracious Nafs.
So long Ya Sidi, so long friend..., the mountain will always be green with you there, and the line of the school will never end, and the doors will never close. May we be forgiven for our shortcomings with you, and may He reunite you with all the Prophets and Saints you loved so much. May The All-Loving Creator of all forgive you, bless you for all the good service and sacrifices you made, and shower you with His Love and Mercies..

Obituary by Dr.Alan Abdal Haqq Godlas

Inna lillahi wa-inna ilayhi raji'un, Shaykh Nuruddin Durkee... In the coming days, no doubt, much will be said about Shaykh Nuruddin and the continual service that he did fi sabil Allah including, among many other things, the founding of Lama Foundation in Taos, NM, and then creating Dar al-Islam, in Abiqui, New Mexico, and the writing and production of his volumes of the School of the Shadhdhuliyyah and the Tajwidi Qur'an (which has helped countless non-Arabic speakers to recite the Qur'an in Arabic). I would, however, like to share how I first became aware of him.
It was Thanksgiving,1971, all the university students had gone home to their families, but I needed to get free of my ego and find God. So I was alone in my dorm room, wandering around the inner universe with not much of a clue, except for a few books on spirituality and meditation as my companions. One of them was titled "Be Here Now!" by Ram Dass, aka Richard Alpert (may he rest in peace), a former psychology professor at Harvard who had been kicked out because of his adventures in LSD, but who, not long after that, had even left drugs behind in search of enlightement.
While the first part of the book was a linear autobiography of Ram Dass' transition from straight-laced academic to acid evangelist to yogi, the second part was much more challenging for me. It was largely an eclectic mix of spiritual teachings from all over the world, together with graphic art, the meaning of which was often completely lost to me. Nevertheless, I did manage to comprehend one story that conveyed the importance of being in the present, harmonizing with the "vibrations" of the moment, what Sufis call becoming an Ibn al-Waqt (son/child of the moment), and entering into Jannah right now, at every moment. So, this is how I first became aware of Shaykh Nur al-Din, who was at the heart of the story, though at that time, he was known as Steve Durkee.
Later I would come to know that in fact he had published the book for Ram Dass, and, together with his wife Noura, had done all its artwork. A couple of years after its publication, he and Noura would embrace Islam. Eventually, the more I actually began to follow a spiritual path, I would come to understand and love that book, as did over two million other readers. I have included the story below. To read it, click on the inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un in blue kufic inlaid tile and just hit the arrow to the right of the picture, or start with the top right and then go down and read from left to right. Although I first met Shaykh Nur al-Din in person in1983-84 in Cairo and had the pleasure of being in his presence from time to time over the years, this story has a very special place in my heart. Ya Sidi Nur al-Din...thank you, jazakallahu khayran! Fi amanillah!


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