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Monday, October 26, 2020

Shaykh Muhammad Yahya Bin An-Ninowy - Rabi'ul Awwal(The Original Spring) is the month of Prophetic Birth (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

Rabi'ul Awwal (the original Spring) is the month of the Prophetic birth ﷺ. Expressing happiness for this glorious event such as reading and contemplating Qur'an, going through the Prophetic Seerah, increasing the Salawaat onto the most pure of the creation ﷺ, gathering people to talk about the vision and mission of Sayyiduna ﷺ, are all permissible to be done as naturally organic non-legislated/mandated expressions of joy, hope, and love.
#love is not just the best response for hate, but it is the Islamic/Muhammadan one. Love for God, love for the Pure and Beautiful Messenger, love for all good.
The Prophets, such as Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad ﷺ, are all too used to all kinds of abuse and distortion, as is the case with all God-sent reformers. The call for "freedom to hate and humiliate" should be answered by a call for "love and honor". Raise the level of your "love" in your thoughts, words and actions with self and others, and pray for those drowning in their quest to hate.
(And you will certainly hear many hurtful words from those who were given the Scripture before you and ˹from˺ those who associate creation with God. But if you persevere patiently and become Present (with God)—then that is of the steadfast heart of things)-3:186
God informed the followers of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and previous prophets ﷺ that it is expected if you follow such noble reformers and the line of reform to be abused, defamed and slandered, this may bring satisfaction to the petty, but it should never cause you to lower the level of your thoughts, words or actions in response.
(They cannot harm you save a trifling hurt..)3:111.
Free speech is a God-given right for all, however, hate speech that seek to humiliate many human beings is petty.
Let the Good Tree (الشجرة الطيبة) that yields Good Word come out. #liveyourlove and don't just talk about it. Let #love transform you to selfless love. This is the message of Sayyiduna ﷺ. He ﷺ did not come to be an unconditional mercy to those who love him only, but for all. He came to teach us that all humans are dignified (Indeed, We have dignified all the children of Adam)-17:70.
Evil does not extinguish evil, good does. Darkness does not extinguish darkness, light does (similar statement by ML King).
The Original Spring (Rabi'ul Awwal) purifies, illuminates, and fills with real love. The sign of real love versus claim is transformation. Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ came with a message that appeals to the best and highest in us. Never the other direction. Let us expose ourselves and souls to the exuberant source of #love and unconditional mercy, to the one who brought us #hope versus despair, and to the one who taught us #respect, #honor, and #Kindness. He ﷺ taught us that #kindness matters, and that God rewards for #kindness not Verbal Violence.
#Love in the month of #love reminds us with The All-Loving (al-Wadud: God), al-Rahim (The Loving Prophet ﷺ), and positivity, hope, Kindness, and care. The month of Rabi'ul Awwal is not just about the birth of a God-sent Prophet after Moses and Jesus, but is the genesis of #Mercy, #Love, and #Hope to all.
Pray for those who hate, and Let the lovers celebrate. #Celebrate Love..#love, #love, and more #love..Life is too short for anything else. #love on... May all your life be Rabi' (spring of hope, love and happiness).


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