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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Islam in Victorian British : The Life & Times of Abdullah Quilliams (1856- 1932) - Ron Geaves

Islam in Victorian British : The Life & Times of Abdullah Quilliams (1856- 1932) - Ron Geaves

This is the first full biography of Abdullah Quilliam (1856–1932), the most significant Muslim personality in nineteenth century Britain. Uniquely ennobled as the Sheikh of Islam of the British Isles by the Ottoman caliph Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1893, Quilliam created a remarkable Muslim community in Victorian Liverpool, which included a substantial number of converts. Ron Geaves examines Quilliam's teachings and considers his legacy for Muslims today.

Ron Geaves is professor of the comparative study of religion at Liverpool Hope University and has contributed substantially to the study of British Islam, religion in South Asia, and fieldwork in religious studies.


The Abdullah Quilliam Society :

Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam, Tory and Trade Unionist -Yahya Birt

This educational video covers new research about Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam (1856-1932), the founder of Britain's first mosque in Liverpool, about his roles as a Tory activist, a solicitor who represented working class interests, and a trade union official, first as solicitor and then second as president of the carters union.

Preachers,Patriots & Islamists : British Muslims & the Afterlives of Abdullah Quillaims -Yahya Birt - Cambridge Muslim College

Ustadh Adam Kelwic : Britain's First Shaykh & his forgotten Mosque
This video is a recording of a talk by Ustadh Adam Kelwick (Embrace Foundation) hosted by Leeds New Muslims ( on Saturday, 29th November 2014. This talk was about Shaykh Abdullah Quilliam, the Brougham Terrace mosque in Liverpool and a brief history of Islam in Britain.

The Life and Legacy of Abdullah Quilliam : Islam Channel uncovers the life and legacy of Abdullah Quilliam.In 1887, Abdullah became the first Christian to convert to Islam in Victorian England.Born William Henry Quilliam, he was a qualified solicitor, who went on to found the first mosque in Britain, which opened on Christmas Day 1889 in Liverpool. Abdullah was also named leader of Britain's Muslims by the last Ottoman caliph, Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1894.


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