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Monday, May 3, 2021

Osman Fazli Efendi RA : Jelveti Spiritual Guide ( 1632-1691)

Osman Fazli (Turkish: Atpazarı Osman Fazlı-ilahi or Kutb Osman Fazlı), was a Jelveti Sufi spiritual guide in 17th-century Ottoman Empire. He spent c.25 years teaching and preaching, and became head Sheikh of the order in Istanbul and led the studies, conversation, meditation, and dhikr. But when he was about 48 it was revealed to him that the Ottoman Empire would fall into ruin, and, although he was of reclusive temperament, felt the only way to care for its population was to be at the Sultan's court. There he was outspoken against many of the Grand Vizier's plans: that they would bring disaster and misfortune, and he was proven right. He spent some years at court but when he declared one Grand Vizier's plan as against the sharia and distorting the Quran, the only way the Vizier could silence him was with exile. Osman Fazli went into retreat but emerged with a different course of action: he was leading a band of Sufis towards the battlefront when he was arrested and exiled for good. Osman Fazli exemplifies the Jelveti way: that following union with Allah he returns and acts in the world. He is hushyar (awake)

In Search of Osman Fazlı

A talk by Christopher Ryan, first given at Chisholme House, October 2003

'Man does not possess anything else but his sensibilities
as his real organ of intelligence
and without Divine action man cannot even use his memory
which is his sacred treasury of experience acquired long ago.
The initiate, the saint, the insani kamil,
is he who possesses the faculty of being able to recognise
the true non-existence of his faculties of thought
and his own impotence in putting them in motion.
It is he who leaves all the 'space' to God
and who passes all his life in controlling his intimate faithfulness,
in actions, 'thought' or in the acts that materialise them.
It is he who prays constantly to God,
even if it be only by a breath or by a movement of the heart,
when he perceives the natural and constant phenomena of thought.'

  • Osman Fazlı

In setting out the life and historical setting of the 17th century Ottoman saint and sufi, the Celveti sheykh known as Atpazarı Osman Fazlı-ilahi Efendi, it is our hope also to attract light upon his inner meaning. As we shall see, Osman Fazlı certainly saw what the Chinese call 'interesting times'. His response to the needs of his particular era, informed as it was by his education in the Unity of Existence under the direction of Sheykh Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi, if God wills, may illuminate our own, no less interesting, times.

Atpazari Seyyid Osman Fazli as Portrayed in Temamu'l Feyz - Eunjeong Yi - PDF

Osman Fazlı, Life and Times of; by Christopher Ryan. Given at the Symposium of the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society, in Ojai, California in 2003 , Christopher Ryan - PDF

Tekke of Kutub Osman Fazli .Famagusta,North Cyprus


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