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Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Effects Of Spirituality In Shaping The Human Behaviour (An Islamic Perspective) 

Adamu Zakiyu Ubal, Abdul Hakim Abdullah -Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia

Abstract This study focused to identify how the sources of Islamic spirituality influenced in shaping the human behaviour. It also meant to determine the role of Islamic spirituality in modelling the behaviour. The study is conceptual review, content analysis of the qualitative approach were used to accumulate information about the subject matter. From the report finding, The study revealed that the Islamic spiritually undoubtedly shapes the human behaviour in the sense that it touches and encompasses the whole aspects of the human life. In addition, the preferable sources of Islamic spirituality seem to be positively effective in providing as well as preserving the human behaviour. The study has implication for research on Islamic spirituality that is associated with Islamic ideas and institution, whereby Islamic ideas and system fundamentally base to develop human in all aspects of his life. This study will also help parents, leaders and entire members of the society to strive to inculcate it in their community. For this reason, the study will contribute immensely in the sense that it will determine the sources of Islamic spirituality that if been utilised adequately will help to combat immorality among the people. 

Conclusion By realising what Islam all about and its profound understanding of human beings, one can understand that Islamic spirituality is the solution to the present behaviour disorder. Islamic spirituality was fundamentally built on links one by his creator, the lord of the universe in a situation whereby all his actions will be in accordance with the provision of Islam so as to save himself here (the world) and hereafter (the day where the wealth he gathered and children benefit nothing unless those came with good heart). Furthermore, several of verses as well traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) that encourage and also inculcate on Islamic spirituality and its value here and hereafter have been stated. It indicated that victory and prosperity are whole behind the Islamic spirituality.However, the sources of Islamic spirituality that also helps to preserve spirituality have been highlighted where it found to be effective in shaping human behaviour which entails the capacity of whole the human’s activities encompassing his mental, emotional, physical and social interaction.

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