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Sunday, August 29, 2021

 Qasidah: "Ataynaka Bil Faqri "- We come to You poor & needy - Arabic with English Translation.

Al Firdaus Ensemble - " Ataynaka Bil Faqri" - Simply Islam Academy, Singapore - 10//22/2020

"Atainaka Bil Faqri" Sholawat Jiharkah - 8/3/2020

"Atainaka Bil Faqri" - 
 Sholihin Bersholawat Bersama Arridwan Dari Syiria - 3/22/2020 - Almarashli Ensemble Video

We come to You poor and needy
Traditional qasida – Author unknown

We come to You poor and needy, o You Selfsufficient
You, who never cease doing us good.
We became used to receive all favours from You,
hoping that (the favours) we used to receive from You will ever continue.

Your unshevelled paupers are driven out of their wits
by love for You, the ultimate end (desire).
For there is none like You in  richness and selfsufficiency,
and in poverty and neediness there is none like our lot.

We see You revealed in every thing
while we have no share in any thing.
If You were in all circumstances with me
I would not need to take provisions with me (for may travel).

I concealed Your name out of jealousy1,
here I go camouflaging along curved and steep mountain tracks2
For You are the al-Haqq, none but You
If only I knew (the meaning of) "I"!
O Lord send blessings upon the Chosen One,
blessings that will make for safety for us.
O Lord send blessings over the Chosen One,
blessings that will serve as a cure for us.


[1] the way Arabs would conceal the name of their women out of jealousy
[2] i.e. using hints and metaphors when speaking of the beloved


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