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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore (RA) reciting " Nahnu fi Rawda ( We are present in the Rawda) written by the Great Sage, Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib ( RA)


Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore (RA) reciting " Nahnu fi Rawda ( We are present in the Rawda) written by  the Great Sage, Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib ( RA)Poem Written In the Prophet's Rawdha ﷺ, at International Mawlid un Nabi (saws) Conference 2000,UIC,Chicago, Sponsored by Naqshbandiya Foundation for Islamic Education (NFIE)

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Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore

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Arabic Text by Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib

اللَّامِيَةُ التِي أَنْشَأَهَا تُـجَاهَ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ لسيدنا الشيخ محمد بن الحبيب 1 نَــحْــنُ فِـي رَوْضَــةِ الــرَّسُـــولِ حُـــضُــــورٌ طَــالِـــبِـــيـــنَ الــرِّضَــى وَحُــسْـــنَ قَـــــبُــــولِ 2 جِـــئْـــنَـــــا يَـا خَــيْـــرَ مَـنْ إِلَـــيْـــهِ الْـــمَــــلَاذُ بِـــانْــــــكِــــــسَــــــــارٍ وَذِلَّــــــــــــةٍ وَذُهُــــــــــــولِ 3 فَـــاسْــأَلِ الــــلَّــــهَ فِــــيــــنَــــا كُــلَّ عِــنَـــايَــــةْ لِـــنَـــنَـــالَ الْــمُــنَـى فِـي وَقْــتِ الْـــحُـــلُـــولِ 4 لَــكَ قَـــدْرٌ عَــظِـــيـــمٌ لَـــيْـــسَ يُـــضَـــاهَــى وَرِسَــــــالَـــــــهْ تَـــــــفُـــــــوقُ كُــــلَّ رَسُــــــــولِ 5 أَنْــتَ بَــــــابُ الْإِلَٰـــــــهِ فِــي كُــلِّ خَــــيْـــــرٍ مَــنْ أَتَــــى فَــــــــازَ بِـالــرِّضَــى وَالْــوصُــــولِ 6 كُــلُّ سِــــرٍّ فِـي الْأَنْـــبِـــيَـــــا قَـــدْ أَتَـــــاهُـــــمْ مِــنْ عُـــلَاكُــــــمْ مُـــــؤَيَّـــــــدًا بِــــنُــــقُــــولِ 7 قَــدْ تَـــشَـــفَّـــعْـــتُ فِـي أُمُـــورِي إِلَٰــــهِـــــي بِــالــــنَّــــبِــــــيِّ الْــمُــشَــفَّـــعِ الْـــمَـــقْـــبُـــولِ 8 كُــلُّ مَــنْ حَــــطَّ رَحْـــــلَــــــهُ بِـــكَـــــرِيــــــمٍ نَـــالَ أَقْــصَــى الْــمُــنَــى وَكُـلَّ الـسُّـــؤُولِ 9 قَــدْ شَــكَــرْنَــــا الْإِلَٰــــــهَ فِـي كُــلِّ وَقْــــــتٍ حَــــيْــــثُ مَـــنَّ بِـــــــزَوْرَةٍ لـــــلِـــــرَّسُـــــــولِ 10 وَكَــــــــذَاكَ لِــكُـــلِّ مَـــنْ فِـــي بَـــــقِـــــيـــــعٍ مِـنْ صِـحَـابٍ كَــذَاكَ نَــسْــلُ الْـــبَـــتُـــولِ 11 وَكَــــــــذَاكَ لِــــــكُــــــلِّ زَوْجٍ وَبِـــــــــنْــــــــتٍ وَابْــنِ مُــنْــجِـي الْأَنَـــامِ يَــــوْمَ الْــحُــلُــولِ 12 وَكَـــــــــذاكَ لِــــكُـــلِّ مَـــنْ فِـــي أُحُــــــــــــدٍ مِـنْ شَــهِـــيــــدٍ كَــذَاكَ عَــــمُّ الــــرَّسُــــولِ 13 قَــدْ طَــلَــبْــنَــــا بِــهِــمْ تَـــمَـــامَ الــسَّـــلَامَـــهْ فِــي مَــــسِــــيـــــرٍ لِأَرْضِــــنَـــــا وَالـــدُّخُـــــولِ 14 وَطَــلَــبْــنَـــا الـــنَّـــجَـــاةَ فِـي يَـــوْمِ حَـــشْـــــرٍ وَسَــــلَامًـــــــا مِـــنْ كُـــلِّ فَـــــظٍّ جَـــــهُــــــولِ 15 رَبِّ صَــــــــلِّ عَــــــلَـــــى الــــــنَّــــــبِــــــيِّ وَآلٍ وَصِــــحَــــــابٍ وَتَــــــــابِـــــــــعٍ بِــــشُــــمُــــــولِ

Source: Dar al-Habib -

Nahnu fi Rawda (We Are Present In the Rawda)

“Nahnu fi Rawda” is a beautiful poem written by the great sage Shaykh Muhammad Ibn al-Habib, a Moroccan scholar and the guide of the Darqawi spiritual path. The Rawda, literally a meadow or garden, refers to the blessed resting place of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah bless him and give him peace, where the author composed this piece.

After speaking about being in the presence of the Prophet  what he is seeking, the author says that he has come to the Prophet’s  in a state of brokenness and dejection, seeking the intercession of the Propheton the Day of Judgement when he is being resurrected and judged.

The Shaykh continues by speaking of the immense rank of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ, so high that even all the other Prophets attained what they know only through the Prophet Muhammad He compares him to being the door that leads to Allah, and that he is requesting intercession through him.

He then goes on to say that he is confident that his prayers will be answered, because anyone who comes (literally, everyone who throws down his saddle) in the court of a generous person, will be given everything he seeks.

Then, Shaykh Ibn al-Habi says that he has been thanking Allah every moment for this opportunity to visit the Prophetﷺ, as well as his Companions who are buried in Jannat al-Baqi, the graveyard in Medina. He is also thankful to have visited the Prophet’sgrandchildren, the descendants of Fatima al-Batool (meaning the one totally devoted to Allah’s worship), the martyrs at the battle of Uhud including Hamzah, the uncle of the Prophetﷺ, as well as the Prophet’sson Ibrahim, who he refers to as “the son of the rescuer of humanity on the Resurrection.”

He closes by asking for a safe journey back to his homeland of Morocco, and sends prayers and blessings on the Prophet Muhammadand his family and followers.



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