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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Shaykh Salih al-Ja'fari - The Light of the Al-Azhar - Salawat : "Allah’s prayer upon TaHa, the best And most beautiful of creations."

صلى الله على طه * خير الخلق وأحلاها

وعلى الكرار أبي الكرما * والزهراء وأبناها

Allah’s prayer upon TaHa, the best
And most beautiful of creations.
And upon the brave warrior, father of the noble ones,
And upon al-Zahra and her sons
The best of creation he is, the guide.
He’s the light of the universe.
He gave guidance to all mankind,
The purest, most content of all creations.
The light Allah created and taught
Before all else.
The full moon who veils his light,
Who guides the creations to their Lord
Allahs’ gift and bounty to all,
Allah’s beloved, beloved of all.
The essence of goodness, desired by all,
The happiness of the umma and their refuge
The lizard bore witness to him in truth,
The deer called out to him in speech.
The best of creations will tomorrow be raised,
To the most precious and highest of gardens.
Water gushed forth from his palm,
Giving drink to the army in summer
It quenched the thirst of 1500,
The best and purest of water.
For his Lord he stayed up the nights,
His feet suffering.
He ascended the seven heavens and was given
The best salaat to pray
And he saw paradise and what’s in it.
As well as hell and those in it.
And likewise he saw the Lote-tree,
The best of creations went beyond it!
After the lote-tree he journeyed further,
He saw al-Haqq and he saw lights,
Gabriel had stopped and gone no further:
Go by yourself, oh TaHa!
Shower down your contentment by the thousands, my Lord,
Upon the noble Ahlul Bayt
And upon the companions most just,
They obtained life in paradise
With al-Siddique, Abu Bakr,
Be please, oh Lord, with all goodness
And likewise al-Farooq,
Eternally they were granted nearness to TaHa
With Uthman, martyr of the house,
Be pleased my Lord, oh Forgiving One!
He stayed up the nights with the pious
He was given life in paradise
And with the cousin, and his two sons,
Ali the brave and the two grandsons
The light put his saliva on his eyes,
Thus did the best of creation heal
Forgive my Lord, the one who wrote it and his beloveds,
And he who recites it,
And he who writes it, and he who hears it
On their death let them see TaHa!
(Our shaykh) asks for Your ihsaan,
Hajj and the ziyara of mawlana.
At his rawdah he gives us gifts:
The scent and vision of paradise!

Biography of Shaykh Salih al- Ja'fari (RA):


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