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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Salat al-Badriyya Poem by Shaykh Ali Mansur (RA)- Salawat Hub

Salat al-Badriyya is a poem composed by Indonesian scholar and poet Shaykh Ali Mansur Siddiq Bashaiban X (d. 1391/1971) in praise of the Prophet ﷺ and the companions martyred in the Battle of Badr. It is commonly known as Sholawat Badar in Indonesia where it holds a very special status. It is usually referred to as “Salatullah Salamullah” in other parts of the world.

About Salat al-Badriyya

Shaykh Ali Mansur was born in Jember, East Java on 23 March 1921 (4 Ramadan 1340 AH). After his initial Islamic education, he became heavily involved in politics. He was affiliated with Nahdlatul Ulama, an Indonesian socio-religious movement, which has grown to become the largest independent Islamic organisation in the world today.

Shaykh Ali Mansur wrote Salat al-Badriyya during a time of great social and political chaos in Indonesia. As a result of the risk of possible confrontation between various political parties, he grew anxious. During a restless night, it is said that he dreamt of meeting people clad in white and green robes. That same night, his wife dreamt of meeting the Prophet ﷺ. The following day he set out to visit Habib Hadi bin Abdullah Al-Hadar, one of the greatest scholars of the time, in search for an interpretation of this dream. Habib Hadi told him that the people in his dream were the people of Badr.

Following these events and with inspiration from a book entitled Manzumah Ahl al-Badar al-Muhsammah al-Musamma Jaliyyat al-Kadar fi Fadail Ahl al-Badar (Arabic: منظومة اهل بدر المسماة جالية الكدر في فضل اهل بدر) by Imam Ja’far al-Barzanji, Shaykh Ali composed Salat al-Badriyya.

The following day, he was visited by a group of highly respected habaib led by Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman al-Habshi, better known as Habib Ali Kwitang. After a brief conversation about the political situation, Habib Ali asked Shaykh Ali about the poem he had written the previous night. Shaykh Ali was surprised as he hadn’t made mention of the poem. Habib Ali asked him to recite Salat al-Badriyya in front of the group of habaib. The poem moved the group to tears. Habib Ali immediately stood up following the recital and said, “O Ali Mansur! Let us fight the enemies of Islam with Salawat al-Badriyya!” This visit took place on Wednesday, September 26, 1962 at 8 am according to Shaykh Ali Mansur’s diary.

Habib Ali later invited Shaykh Ali Mansur and other respected scholars to his village in Jakarta. Shaykh Ali was asked to recite Salat al-Badriyya in front of a large congregation. Following the event, Habib Ali al-Habshi asked his students to print the prayer and distribute it to the congregation.

The Grave of Shaykh Ali Mansur

From there, the poem’s fame grew rapidly in Indonesia and was used as a reading by Nahdlatul Ulama to rouse spirits against opposing parties. It has since become well-known throughout the world.

Shaykh Ali passed away on March 24, 1971 (26 Muharram 1391) at the age of 50. His grave is located in Maibit village in Tuban Regency, Indonesia. It has been recently renovated and is regularly frequented by the public. A large mural of the poem stands by his grave.


PDF: At Salawat Hub Website

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