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Friday, November 10, 2023

Muhammadan Path & Naqshbandi Sufis of the Subcontinent - Dr..Arthur Buehler - NFIE Mawlid 1995

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"Muhammadan Path and Naqshbandi Sufis of Indo-Pak Subcontinent"- A lecture by Dr.Arthur Buehler, Professor, Islamic Studies, University of Victoria at Wellington, NZ, delivered at International Mawlid un Nabi Conference 1995, UIC, Chicago.Sponsored by Naqshbandiya Foundation for Islamic Education (

Contents: 1. Arabic Qasida : Alahaj Khurshid Ahmed, Pakistan As-subhu bada min tala’ atihi Wal laylu daja miN wafratihi The light of the dawn is from the radiance of Your Blessed Face Oh Beloved of Allah! And the sparkle of the night is from the glimmer of Your Blessed Hair Oh Beloved of Allah! Kanz-ul-karamii mowl-an-ni’amii Haad-il-umamii li sharii’ati hii Our Master is the treasure of grace, He is a treasure of mercy He is the guide of the entire Nation, showing us the way of the Sacred Law Sa’tish shajaru nataqal hajaru Shaqqal qamaru bi ishaaratihi Oh Beloved of Allah! On the command of your Blessed finger the tree began to walk Embraced in your hand the stones began to speak Upon one gesture of Your blessed finger the moon was split in two Jibrilu ata laylata asra’ Wa ’r-rabbu da‘a fi hadratihi On the night of the Ascension, Hazrat Jibril came with glad tidings Your Lord invites you to the heavens, bestowing upon You the honour of intimacy Fa-wasilatuna huwa sayyiduna Wa ’l-izzu lana bi-ijabatihi Therefore Beloved of Allah!You are our benefactor, You are our leader You are the cause of our dignity and preservation 2. Lecture: Dr.Buehler

Dr. Arthur Buehler obituary : Marcia K. Hermansen, Loyola University Chicago 3. Prophetic Praise Poetry - Maulood in English - Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore -American Muslim Poet 4. Qasida in English : Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore - lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh - There is a garden in the soul, Where God's Golden Roses bloom And our hearts are opening like fresh roses in the room Dr.Buehler's Paper: Few Pearls. - Imam Ahmas Sirhindi (RA)'s Seven Degrees of Imitating the Prophet Muhammad (saws) 1.Common Muslims & Ordinary Ulama recognize the the legitimacy of Sharia but have not controlled their Ego (Nafs) 2. Who are actively pursuing the journey towards God & making effort to control their Ego (Nafs) 3.Who experience the attraction of God 4.Who are truly imitating the Prophet (saws) & whose nafs are at peace ( Nafs ul Mutmainna) 5.Who by Devine favor are following the Resolute Prophets 6.Those specially favored by God's Love & who participate in Muhammad saws's Perfection with his being the Beloved (Mahbub) of God 7.Ultimate imitation of Prophet saws involves the Mystical descent from God back to the World. Subscribe to NFIE YouTube Channel : NFIE Website Link : NFIE Blog Link : http://wwwnfiecomblogspotcom.blogspot... NFIE Facebook:   / the-naqshbandiya-foundation-for-islamic-ed...  .


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