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Sunday, November 12, 2023

The Contemporary Sufi Heritage of Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Mustafa al- ‘Alawī: The Seven  Spiritual Stages of the Sufi Path- Omneya Nabil Ayad - Thesis -American University in Cairo - AUC Knowledge Fountain

The Seven Spiritual Stages of the Sufi Path:

1- The Spiritual Stage of Fear and Vigilant Awareness of God (al- Khashya wa-lMurāqaba)

2- The Spiritual Station of Satisfaction and Submission (al- Riḍa wa-l- Taslīm)

3- The Spiritual Station of Reliance on God (al- tawakkul)

4- The spiritual station of Poverty (al- Faqr)

5- The spiritual station of Sincerity (al- Ikhlāṣ)

6- The Spiritual Station of Love (Ḥubb)

7- The Spiritual Station of Oneness (al- Tawḥīd )

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Shaykh Ahmad Al-Alawi RA : His Life in his own Words

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