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Monday, March 9, 2009

Mawlid-un-Nabi,Prophet's Birthday(saws)

The Celebration of the Holy Prophet's (s) birth is motivated by the obligation to love the Prophet (saws), to obey him, to remember him, to follow his example . "Truly, (Oh Muhammad saaw) you are of a magnificent character." (Quran,Al Qalam, 68,4) "None of you believes until he loves me more than he loves his children, his parents and all people.” Hadith The day of the Prophet's birth, therefore, is considered by Muslims all over the world as an important day to be remembered and celebrated . "And we have not sent thee but as a Mercy to the nations." (Al-Anbiya', 21:107) Muslims everywhere celebrate this day with great rejoicing, inner joy and happiness. Assemblies and conferences are held throughout the Muslim world to narrate the stories of the Prophet's birth, childhood, manhood, and his preaching, his character, his sufferings and his forgiveness. The 12th of Rabi al Awwal is not the only day on which the birthday of the Prophet is celebrated, rather the whole month of Rabi al Awwal is commemorated as the "birth month" of the Prophet.


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