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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Shaykh Mishary Rashid Alafasy : Nasheed - Mustafa Mustafa - Arabic / English - Live 1/4/2024 UK

مصطفى مصطفى

The chosen one ‎منبعٌ للصفاءْ Spring of peace ‎سيّد الأنبياء Leader of prophets ‎مِشعلٌ في الوفا Ignited in loyalty ‎كان في عطفه ‎لليتامى دفى His compassion was warmth for the orphans ‎حن قلبي لهُ My heart yearns for him ‎فاض شوقا إليه Longing for him ‎ليس أرجو سوى I have no desire except ‎شربةً من يديه To drink from his hands ‎الصلاةُ عليه Salutations be upon him ‎والسلامُ عليه And peace be upon him ‎للسماءِ ارتقى For the sky he ascended ‎فأتى بالنقاء And brought purity ‎وغدا وجههُ And his face illumined ‎نيّرا مشرقا radiant and bright ‎كان من عفوهِ This was from his forgiveness ‎حين حان اللقاء When the meeting came ‎قال فلتذهبوا ‎أنتم الطلقاء He said: “you are all free to go” ‎كان في هديهِ In his guidance ‎منهجا وسطا A balanced path he paved ‎كان تُسعدهُ ‎بسمةُ البُسطاءْ The smiles of the humble would make him happy ‎سيّدٌ في الكرم ‎A leader in generosity ‎قمةٌ في العطاء The pinnacle of giving


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