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Friday, March 22, 2024

Kalam Philosophy, Islam and Science by Bruno Abd-al-Haqq Guiderdoni - TV IslamScience - April 24,2020

Research Seminar given by Prof. Bruno Guiderdoni, at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, on November 20th 2018.

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WikipediaBruno Abd al Haqq Guiderdoni (born September 30, 1958) is a French astrophysicist. He is a research director at the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), and a member of the Centre de recherche astrophysique de Lyon (CRAL). He was director of the Observatoire de Lyon from 2005 to 2015. His research is primarily concerned with the origin and development of galaxies. He has also written extensively on Islamic theology and mysticism.  Source: Full Biography

IslamicityDr. Bruno Abd al Haqq Guiderdoni is an astrophysicist and French convert to Islam. A specialist in galaxy formation and evolution, he has published more than 140 papers and organized several conferences on these subjects. Dr. Guiderdoni serves as Director of the Observatory of Lyon. Besides his extensive writings on science, he has also published around 60 papers on Islamic theology and mysticism and is now Director of the Islamic Institute for Advanced Studies. Source:Full Article

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On Mystic Nature of Science: A Conversation with French Muslim Scientist Dr. Bruno Abd al Haqq Guiderdoni - Dr.Jafar Paramboor " In history, if you look the history of the Islamic world we have many Muslims who dedicated their lives to science, to the quest for science, whether these sciences were ʾulūm dīniyyah or ʾulūm ʾaqliyyah - religious science or rational science. If we want to use the classical classification, these are the examples which can be used for now. These people dedicated their lives to the quest for ʾulūm - all kinds of knowledge. They were also believers who were not disturbed by science because They were integrating all things with the prospects of thawḥīd, the oneness of God. So, they can put various levels of knowledge in harmonious construction without any conflict or any contradiction"

Islam & Science : Seeds for the Future - Bruno Abd-Al-Haqq Guideroni I am a scientist and I am a believer. As a scientist, my interest goes to the cosmos. I try to unravel the puzzles of the physical reality. As a believer, my interest goes to God and to his action within the human. I try to accept the mystery of the ultimate reality and the multiple ways it appears in the human condition. I feel deeply concerned by our 21st century. The terrible events of September 11 cast a dark shadow on it. Do we have reasons to hope again? Can we prepare seeds for the future? Do we still believe in the human?" Source:Full Article


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