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Monday, April 1, 2024

How to Build Islamic Civilisation with Dr Sohail Hanif: Blogging Theology - March 30, 2024

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This lecture is an exploration of Islamic sacred law. We will see that, beyond the minutae of legal details in classical works of Islamic law, there is a larger story. These legal works provide a blue-print to a civilisational map. This civilisational map is the metaphysical Madina. Madina means city. Lexically it means the place of din, or religious moral code. The Madina of the Prophet was the first Dar al-Islam – Abode of Islamic civilisation. The institutions described in classical fiqh works are the institutions that made up the Prophetic Madina. The talk will present the key features of this civilisational map, consider its fundamental principles and values, and finally discuss what this all means for Muslims today. The conclusion is simple: Muslims, wherever they are, have only one duty: build Madina to the best of your ability.


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