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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi al-Maliki (Rahmatullah Alayhi) - A Meccan Treasure - Khairabadi Institute - 3/26/2024

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Join us for another fascinating podcast featuring Ustadh Mubashir Iqbal & Shaykh Anis Ahmed, both instructors at Khairabadi Institute. In this video we go through the life, achievements & legacy of Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Bin Alawī Al-Mālikī Al-Makkī Al-Hassanī with his dear son-in-law Shaykh Sayyid Ma'an al-Dabbagh. Join us for a heartwarming exploration of the life of the honourable Sayyid. We'll delve into his scholarly pursuits, his family life, the impact he had on his students, and his influential writings. Discover how he championed the Ahl al-Sunnah Creed and rekindled the love for the holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the hearts of the people. As the world pays tribute to a priceless Meccan treasure, Sayyid Muhammad, we are reminded of the influence of the esteemed Ulema of the Farangi Mahall. Their spiritual chains of transmission reached far and wide, even as far as the holy City of Mecca, reaching the esteemed Sayyid himself. Huge shoutout to Ghamkol Sharif Mosque - GS Mosque for giving us permission to upload this! Be sure to check out their channel for more great content. Follow us on: X -   / khairabadi_inst   (Learn more about the Khairabadi Tradition & upcoming projects & courses) Telegram - Facebook - Instagram -   / khairabadi_inst   Email - Website - Time Codes: 00:00 - Intro 09:50 - Muhammad Hasan or Muhammad? 13:50 - 19-year-old teacher at Haram 15:30 - Sayyid Alawi, The Father 20:49 - Sh. Diya al-Din Madani meets al-Sayyid 21:15 - Naqshbandis in Makkah 22:50 - al-Sayyid & Sh. Abd al-Qadir Jilani 26:50 - His Mother 29:25 - al-Sayyid's Early Studies 48:25 - al-Sayyid at Home with Family 37:30 - al-Sayyid Muhammad & Hadith 40:50 - al-Sayyid with his Students 54:30 - Defence of Ahl Sunnah & Challenges 1:08:00 - Reconnecting the Hearts with the Beloved ﷺ & Khairabadis 1:13:25 - Books that Rekindled the Heart's Love 1:18:40 - Sh. Diya al-Din Madani Requests al-Sayyid 1:21:15 - Private Dialogues with other Sects 1:25:00 - al-Sayyid as an International Scholar 1:28:45 - al-Sayyid's Connections to the heirs of the Farangi Mahall 1:32:14 - Knowledge & Spirituality 1:34:34 - Sayıdah Khadijah & Her Son: al-Sayyid 1:39:34 - His Departure from this World 1:44:38 - The Grave is Reopened 1:47:05 - al-Sayyid's Daily Routine 1:53:25 - al-Sayyid's Poetry 1:57:18 - al-Sayyid's Relationship with the Beloved ﷺ 2:01:26 - Hearing a blessed Hadith from Sayyid Ma'an 2:02:30 - al-Sayyid's Representative in Makkah Now 2:03:35 - Closing Due & Fatiha for al-Sayyid


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