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Friday, June 28, 2024

Am I worthy of Allah's Love & Mercy | Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ninowy (Full Podcast): OnePath Network , March 31,2023

An insightful podcast with Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ninowy on the dense topic of mercy in Islam. Shaykh Ninowy is an American scholar and author based in Atlanta, Georgia, having written multiple books, most notably ‘the Book of Love’ and his commentary on ‘The 40 Hadith of Mercy and those who show Mercy’. He is also the founding Director of Madina institute, along with the Centre for Non-violence and Peace studies and the charity, Planet Mercy.

YouTube Video:

Fons Vitae: The Forty Hadith on Mercy and those who show mercy- Imam Ibn Tulun , Presented by Shaykh Muhammad Al Ninowy.

Sheikh Dr Muhammad al-Ninowy is a Syrian-American scholar and author based in Atlanta, Georgia, whose lineage is traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him). Al-Ninowy is considered a scholar in hadith. In addition to a PhD in Islamic studies, he also holds a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Illinois, and a Doctor of Medicine degree. He is the founding director of Madina Institute and Seminaries, the Center for Non-Violence and Peace Studies, and the charitable organisation Planet Mercy, globally. Al-Ninowy is also leading a reformist Rifa‘i Shadhili Sufi school aiming to completely realign Sufi principles, litanies, and practices to the Qur’an and Sunnah in an effort to revive the school of Tasawwuf of Ahl al-hadith. His latest release is: The Book of Love; a reflection on Islam from the perspective of love.

YouTube Fons Vitae Video:

Amazon: Book of Love - Muhammad Ninowy   

Love is like a journey everyone should consciously and actively take. The journey is more amazing than our greatest aspirations and more miraculous than our most beautiful dreams. The journey leads the wayfarer to personal liberation, whose highlights are love, forgiveness, unconditional compassion, mercy, reconciliation, hope, happiness, positive contribution and optimism, with no place at all of the repression, original sin, judgement, punishment, guilt, pain, enmity, or even death.
This is not just possible, this is real and beautiful. The journey on the path of love is the elixir of an everlasting life of love. There is no shortage of love, just our willingness to embrace it with our whole heart and channel it to others.
The Book of Love is a window into the journey of the wide throughout our human history, such as: Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. It is Islam, as I know it. Though The Book of Love is a book of personal reflections, each line of its aphorisms is an opener to a more intimate inner conversations.


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