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Friday, July 5, 2024

Dr Sohail Hanif | Do We NEED A Madhab, Loving The Prophet ﷺ As We SHOULD, The Importance Of UMMAH - FairDinkumAU- July1, 2024

We had the honour of hosting the CEO of National Zakat Foundation Dr Sohail Hanif on the podcast. We spoke about whether a muslim NEEDs A Madhab, Loving The Prophet ﷺ As We Should, The Importance Of UMMAH and much more!

YouTube Video:

The Muslim Mindset and Islam's Mission with Dr.Sohail Hanif- The Thinking Muslim - Feb16 2024- Our guest this week, Dr Sohail Hanif, argues that we need to reconnect with not just our relationship with our umma but also have to reorient our lives to live like the murabitun of the past, those who saw themselves as within a wider objective of thinking about deen and the umma and their part within this rubric. In this endeavour, to change our mentality, we have to reconfigure how we view some of the fundamental Islamic ideas of zakat, ummah and jihad. Are we in the west manning an outpost of this umma. And has Gaza taught us a wider lesson about reorienting our mentalities.

Dr Sohail is the National Zakat Foundation’s Chief Executive. Prior to this, he held the position of Lecturer at Cambridge Muslim College. He also was the Head of Sciences at Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman. He has expertise in Islamic law, having studied extensively with traditional scholars, and holds a PhD from Oxford University.


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