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Friday, September 30, 2016

"The Virtues of Ali Ibn Talib"- Luqma al-Andalusi- Forward by Walid Lounès Bouzerar

I had the honor of being asked to write the foreword for this noble effort, a book compiling some of the virtues of the cousin of the Pole of Creationﷺ and the Keyholder of the Sufi Path, Seyyidina 'Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah shower him in peace and ennoble his countenance. Published by Jawahir Media, it was compiled by Sidi Luis Jijon (Ustadh Luqman), may Allah facilitate his affairs and accept his efforts. The introduction was written by Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya al-Husayni al-Ninowy الشيخ د. محمد النينوي, may Allah preserve him and aid him in his calling to Allah. You can find the foreword I have written below, follow the link below to buy the book.
I come to speak to you not as a scholar, nor as a learned man, nor as a historian. I come to you as a man with no titles. I come as a lover. And what is there not to love about the man I have come to speak of. For he is the beloved of the Beloved of Allāhﷺ. He is the son of the Prophet's uncleﷺ. He is the Dweller of the City of Knowledge, nay, he is its very Gate. I come to speak to you of the one whose single strike before the enemies of Allāh is worth more than the worship of all of Mankind and Jinns. What is there not to love. I have come to speak of the one whose Noble Countenance is so full of Light and Remembrance of Allāh, resplendent with the Love of the Prophetﷺ, that beholding it is itself an act of worshiping Allāh.
We look to him as our spiritual father, he who was born in the Kaʿaba Sharifa itself. We look to him as the quencher of our thirst on the Path to Allāh for he is the Spring of the Sufic Sciences, the Over-pouring Vessel of Divine Secrets and Lights. We look to him as our Guiding Shaykh and Instructor of Etiquette for he is the Exemplar of Chivalry. He is the Spouse of the Best of Creation's daughterﷺ, the Father of the Ḥassanain, the Martyr, the Lion of Allāh, the Wielder of the Sword of Truth, the Keyholder of the Path, the Possessor of a Prodigious Station, the Lifelong Companion of the Beloved Prophetﷺ, and his Companion in the Next Lifeﷺ, Our Master, Our Star of Guidance, Our Teacher, Sayyidunā Wa Mawlānā ʿAlī ibn Abi Tālib ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim ibn ʿAbd Manāf ibn Quṣayy ibn Kilāb ibn Murra ibn Kaʿb ibn Luʾayy ibn Ghālib ibn Fahr ibn Mālik ibn an-Naḍr ibn Kinānah ibn Khuzaymah ibn Mudrikah ibn Ilyās ibn Muḍar ibn Nizār ibn Maʿād ibn ʿAdnān.
ʿAlī, the intimate companion of Muḥammadﷺ. Contemplation of his virtues illuminates our intellects and hearts. Remembrance of his qualities heightens our aspirations. Love for him and his Sanctified Family opens our chest and attracts the gaze of the Most Merciful One. Adopting his attributes grants us proximity to him and thus causes Celestial Torrents of Mercy to rush towards us. He is the Elect of Allāh, the Friend of Allāh, and those endowed with radiant intellects and understanding without a doubt seek to befriend the friend of the Friend.
O Allāh – by the rank of Your Lion in spirit and in flesh, our Master ʿAlī , enlighten and ennoble his Resplendent Countenance and grant us a portion of the Baraka and Knowledge from the Oceans of Baraka and Knowledge that You have bestowed upon him. Bless him with a blessing reserved to those who have attained Your Eternal Pleasure and Mercy, and us with him. Raise him perpetually in stations until the Day of Reckoning, and raise us with him. Have Mercy on his Noble Descendants and Forgive them, and have Mercy and Forgive us with them, and keep us in their circle until the day our Souls are called to You. Dress us in the Lights and qualities of ʿAlī and adorn us with his beautiful states. Grant us a drink of his unrelenting courage in proclaiming Truth. Embellish us – O Allāh – with his majesty before falsehood and his Mercy before the believers. Ornament our hearts with his love and love of his Family and grant us to cross the Veil with that love firmly rooted in our hearts, by the rank of Lā Ilāha Illā Allāh, and may the utterance of the latter be our last words and state. O Allāh – Do not take our Souls but that You have written us amongst his sincere lovers and followers, by the rank and honor of the Pole of Creation, our Master and Guide to the Unseen, Muḥammad, may Your peace and blessings shower upon him and his Sanctified Family eternally, O Most Merciful of those who are merciful.
- Lounès, In Praise of the Prophet ﷺ
Link to purchase book

Rumi- "Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world."-Dr.Alan Godlas

About a week ago a popular translation of a poem of Rumi's was making the rounds. I wanted to find the original Persian, so I had to find the source of the translation first. Fortunately, I was able to find the source. In a more recent FB posting, I have now described the trail I followed. What I am including here is the popular translation, followed by the Persian, which I have in turn followed by Nicholson's 1898 translation, which was the source of the popular translation by Star and Shiva.
Here is the popular translation that has made its way around the internet:
"Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.
The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same.
Every wonderful sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade,
But do not be disheartened,
The source they come from is eternal, growing,
Branching out, giving new life and new joy.
Why do you weep?
The source is within you
And this whole world is springing up from it." (Translation by Jonathan Star and Sharam Shiva).
After this posting, in a separate message, I have now posted Star and Shiva's translation, Nicholson's translation, and my own translation, side by side so that readers can compare them easily. Below is the Persian and Nicholson's translation.
هر نقش را که دیدی جنسش ز لامکان است
گر نقش رفت غم نیست اصلش چو جاودان است
هر صورتى كه ديدى هر نكته كه شنيدى
بد دل مشو که رفت آن ، زیرا نه آنچنان است
چون اصل چشمه باقیست ، فرعش همیشه ساقیست
چون هر دو بی زوالند ، از چه ترا فغان است
جان را چو چشمه ای دان ، وین صنع ها چو جو ها
تا چشمه هست باقی ، جو ها از آن روان است
Jonathan Star stated that he based his translation of this poem on Nicholson's translation in the latter's Divani Shamsi Tabrizi, #12, the Persian text and the translation of which goes from pp. 46-49 (published first in 1898).
The English posted above is about a third of Star's translation (and a third of the whole poem).
Nicholson's translation is as follows:
Every form you see has its archetype in the placeless world;
If the form perished, no matter, since its original is everlasting.
Every fair shape you have seen, every deep saying you have heard,
Be not cast down that it perished; for that is not so.
Whereas the spring-head is undying, its branch gives water continually;
Since neither can cease, why are you lamenting
Conceive the Soul as a fountain, and these created things as rivers;
While the fountain flows, the rivers run from it.
See my translation and the others, side-by-side, in my subsequent, more recent posting.
Note that this poem is not in the authoritative critical edition of Rumi's Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi. So it may not actually be by Rumi. On the other hand, he might have written it.

Poem:"Rumi Was a Refugee", by A. Godlas, Sept. 26, 2016

Have you forgotten
the thundering sounds
the anguished cries
the look of horror
in their eyes?
A young boy,
between eight and thirteen
these were what he heard
what he had seen,
while moving as fast
as their caravan
would allow,
fleeing from waves
of Mongol hordes somehow.
From Afghanistan and Tajikestan
to Anatolia and Konya, they journeyed far
though not just like today, when
frightened wayfarers
sometimes travel by boat or car.
It wasn't from ISIS or al-Assad
or bombs from above, they fled,
but still
like today, they also bled.
So when you see the faces
of those young boys, their sisters
and all their families,
clamoring at your borders
invading your TVs,please remember,
they are all Rumi
for Rumi
was a refugee.

(Rumi Was a Refugee, by A. Godlas, Sept. 26, 2016)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

In Praise of the Most Praised ﷺ‎.‎Part III-"O seeker make your existence an exegesis of “alhamdulillah”-Walid Lounès Bouzerar

O seeker make your existence an exegesis of “alhamdulillah”
Praise be to Allah
Praise, direct praise, and praise through means
Lillah, to Allah, to Whom all praise returns
All praise returns to Allah
Direct praise, praise be to You
O Only One worthy of Praise
Indirect praise, praise be to You
Through the accepted Praiser of Youﷺ
Whom You have Praisedﷺ
Above all those Praised
And none is Praised except
Through His Praise of himﷺ
And thus he is, the Most Praisedﷺ
Every Praise of creation
Extends from this Praise of himﷺ
For every good in creation
Is manifest through this Most Praised Light He Createdﷺ
This Possessor of the Most Praised Stationﷺ
And there is no good in creation but His Praise
And every praise is in reality Praise of Him
All Praise returns to Him
O seeker, praise the Only one Praised
Through he whose praise is acceptedﷺ
Every prayer is answered through his nameﷺ
Thus every praise is accepted through his nameﷺ
And his name is Muhammadﷺ
Which means the Most Praisedﷺ
And none from creation can praise the Lord
As the Most Praisedﷺ can praise Him
And none can praise the Most Praisedﷺ
As the Lord can Praise himﷺ
So in that is a subtle secret
For those with understanding
Praise with your tongue
But do not be veiled from praising with your limbs
Praise Him through what He has Praised
Praise with your intentions
Praise with your praising of His Praise of the Most Praisedﷺ
And praise
With your praising of the Most Praised'sﷺ Praising of Him
For there is no accepted praise
Except through the intercession of his praisingﷺ
For the "La Ilaha Illa Allah"
There is No Deity but Allah
Is not accepted without
"Muhammad ur-Rasul Allahﷺ"
His Messenger is 'the Most Praised'ﷺ
So your praise of Allah, O seeker
Is dependant upon your affirming of His Unity
And your affirming of His Unity
Is dependant upon your acceptance
And therefore, your praise
Of the one He Praisedﷺ
And named the Most Praisedﷺ
So how can your praise of Allah be accepted
Without your praising of the Most Praisedﷺ?
Praise be to Allah
For the praiseworthy traits
The Most Praised is dressed withﷺ
May the Praise of Allah be forever upon
His Most Praisedﷺ
Whose very existence
Is Praise of Allah
And Allah's Praise of himﷺ
And there is no praise of Allah
Like the Praise He has Praised Himself with
And He has Praised Himself
With His Praising of the Most Praisedﷺ
And there is no accepted praising of Allah
Without the praising of His Most Praisedﷺ
Praise be to Allah
Through the Existence and Tongue of the Most Praisedﷺ
O Allah – may Your Praise
Peace and blessings
Be forever upon Your Most Praisedﷺ
And upon those Praised by You
Through their connection with
And therefore praise, of the Most Praisedﷺ
His Most Praised Familyﷺ
Praised above all other praised families
And his Most Praised Companionsﷺ
Praised above all other praised companions
And his Most Praised Beloved Followersﷺ
Praised above all other praised beloved followers
And the reality of their Praise is single
And all Praise returns to Whom Praise Originates from
And may His Name be Praised
And may His Most Praised be praisedﷺ
By the number of Praisers that have Praised Him
Animate and inanimate
And by the Strength and Duration of His Eternal Praise.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Calligraphy- Quran"We send down in the Qur'an that which is a means of healing and mercy for those who believe" (Qur'an, Surat al-Isra 17:82)- Dr.Alan Godlas

"We send down in the Qur'an that which is a means of healing and mercy for those who believe" (Qur'an, Surat al-Isra 17:82) وَنُنَزِّلُ مِنَ الْقُرْآنِ مَا هُوَ شِفَاءٌ وَرَحْمَةٌ لِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ wa-nunazzilu min al-Qur'an ma huwa shifa'un wa-rahmatun lil-mu'minin

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rumi: Give up your trickery O lover! - Dr.Alan Godlas

Give up
your trickery,
O lover!
حيلت رها كن عاشقا
Hilat raha kun, 'ashiqa!
The following translation goes with Davlatmand's (from Tajikistan) recording from the best collection of Sufi music I'm aware of, "Sufi Soul: Echos Du Paradis"…/…/B00000GV6Iavailable in MP3 for $8 or in a double CD for $25.
Rumi: Give Up Your Trickery, Go Insane
Performance by Davlatmand
حیلت رها کن عاشقا دیوانه شو دیوانه شو 2x

“Give up your trickery O lover, go insane //
Ḥilat rahā kon ʿāshiqā, dīvāna sho, dīvāna shao
و اندر دل آتش درآ پروانه شو پروانه شو 2x
Into the heart of the fire, be like a moth //
v'andar del-e ātash dar ā parvāna sho, parvāna shao
هم خویش را بیگانه کن هم خانه را ویرانه کن 2x
Be a stranger to yourself, destroy your house //
Ham khīsh rā bīgāna kon, ham khāna rā vīrāna kon
وآنگه بیا با عاشقان هم خانه شو هم خانه شو 2x
Then come with the lovers, with them reside.
v'angah biyā bā ʿāshiqān hamkhāna sho, hamkhāna shao
رو سینه را چون سینه‌ها هفت آب شو از کینه‌ها 2x
Go, with the seven oceans, cleanse your heart of malice like other hearts.
rao sīna rā chūn sīnahā haft āb sho az kīnaha
وآنگه شراب عشق را پیمانه شو پیمانه شو 2x
Then be a goblet for the wine of love.
v'angah sharāb-e ʿishq rā paymāna shao, payāna shoao
باید که جمله جان شوی تا لایق جانان شوی 2x
You must completely be the soul so you can become worthy of the Beloved, Soul of souls;
Bāyad keh jomla jān shavī tā lāyiq-e jānān shavī
گر سوی مستان می‌روی مستانه شو مستانه شو 2x
If you're going towards drunkards, go drunkenly.
Gar sūy-e mastān mīravī mastāna shao, mastāna shao
چون جان تو شد در هوا ز افسانه شیرین ما 2x
Since your soul arose into the heaven as a result of this sweet myth of ours,
Chūn jān-e to shod dar havā z'afsāna-ye shīrīn-e mā
فانی شو و چون عاشقان افسانه شو افسانه شو 2x
Pass away from you ego-self, and like the lovers become a myth.
Fānī shao vo-chūn ʿāshiqān afsāna shao, afsāna shao
افسانه شو افسانه شو
become a myth, become a myth.
afsāna shao, afsāna shao
حیلت رها کن عاشقا دیوانه شو دیوانه شو
“Give up your trickery O lover, go insane
Ḥilat rahā kon ʿāshiqā, dīvāna sho, dīvāna shao
دیوانه شو دیوانه شو
go insane, go insane
dīvāna sho, dīvāna shao
دیوانه شو دیوانه شو
go insane, go insane
dīvāna sho, dīvāna shao

In the Praise of the Prophet (saws)Written on the road from Madinah ul-Munawwara to Makkah al-Mukarrama- Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Written on the road from Madinah ul-Munawwara to Makkah al-Mukarrama.
Lamenting sighs
Of lovers departing
The City of Light
Piercing my heart
My body craving
Proximity to the Dweller
Beneath that Green Domeﷺ
No my heart is too weak
And this Light has engulfed itﷺ
And these steps away
From its home is just
Barely less than torture
I am a simple man
With simple words
And a simple love
But I am caught in the net
Of Muhammad the Beloved of Godﷺ
Nothing pains my heart quite like
Stepping away from your golden gatesﷺ
O Muhammadﷺ have Mercy on me
And you are for it
Be with me then in spirit
O God you know my state
And my weakness is made plain
So O God make swift my return
And for every sincere lover
Whose heart burns as mine
Fragile but Unrelenting
Wind this flame O lover
For your life is in this burning
O Allah send your peace and blessings
Upon this Light my heart weeps for
Upon this Beloved my tears seep for
Upon Muhammad
O Muhammadﷺ
Take us by the hand
Now and forever
And may this burning love
Live on for Eternity
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك عليه وعلى اله

In the Praise of the Prophet (saws)Written now before the Majestic Prophetﷺ. Madinah ul-Munawwara-Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Technology of the Heart |Page 4, Chan:34858901 |"Written now before the Majestic Prophetﷺ.
Madinah ul-Munawwara.
O Messenger of God
We have come to greet you
And it is from your Sunnah
To never turn a visitor away
Nor to leave him empty-handed
So we ask of you
In this blessed hour
To beseech the Lord
For our much needed forgiveness
O Blessing from God
Dress us in the robes of your affection
Look upon us with a gaze of tenderness
For our hearts are yearning
And our will is weak
And you are our hope
So intercede for us and our loved ones
And take us by your perfumed hand
And keep us in your close embrace
And give us to drink from your Fountain
O the Light of our hearts
Our love for you is our provision
Our love for you is our ship
And it carries us on the sea of life
Without it we would drown in our weakness
And our sight would be feeble and short
But you have turned our face to the Hereafter
With your close attention and care
You give a new leaf to the sinners
You open a new chapter for every lost one
And by God my life is a proof of this
And the Lord Most High is the Best Witness
So O my hope, O my Guide, O my Teacher
Gaze upon me once again in my dream
And speak again to me a tender word
And beam upon me a gentle smile
My heart longs for you
And I am certain you know this
I beseech you by the Mercy that you are
To leave us not for the blinking of an eye
You are my rope to the heavens
And you are my heaven itself
So O Walking Heaven of the Earth and Skies
Breathe me into your existence
May the blessings and peace of our Lord
Be upon your Secret, your Soul, your Body
And upon your Holy Family
And your rightly guided Companions.
-Walid Lounès Bouzerar

In the Praise of the Prophet (saws)Written now by the gate of the Mercy to the Worldsﷺ after Fajr, Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Technology of the Heart |Page 4, Chan:34858901 |"
Written now by the gate of the Mercy to the Worldsﷺ after Fajr, picture also taken now.
Madinah ul-Munawwara.
I stand at the Door of Merciful Infinityﷺ
With no power nor ability
With no deeds to explain this vicinity
O Dweller of the Enlightened Cityﷺ
My soul knows no other who meets this affinity
O my Door to the Pure Divinityﷺ
To the Lord of Unicity
O Possessor of a Light that shines most brilliantlyﷺ
May my heart reflect your countenance vividlyﷺ
O Possessor of Grace and Chivalryﷺ
No justice would do even a thousand litanies
O Our Infallible Means to Stabilityﷺ
O Possessor of Sublimityﷺ
O our Water of Resiliencyﷺ
O Distributor of Tranquilityﷺ
O Solution to every difficultyﷺ
O Antidote to every sin that limits meﷺ
O My heart's serenityﷺ
O Cure to our every deficiencyﷺ
O You through whose Light hearts seeﷺ
O Source of every humilityﷺ
I beseech you, by this proximity
Visit me.
O Allah - send your peace and seas
Of blessings upon he who oversees
Your servants and makes their hearts appeased
The Holder of Paradise's Keys.
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar

In the Praise of the Prophet (saws)Written after Fajr, whilst visiting the Blessed People of al-Baqi', may Allah have Mercy on them, and us Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Technology of the Heart |Page 4, Chan:34858901 |"
Written after Fajr, whilst visiting the Blessed People of al-Baqi', may Allah have Mercy on them, and us. Photo also taken here and now.
O Visitor of Madinah
Tread the land lightly
For here rests
The Dearest to Godﷺ
From the start to the end
Of Eternity
And he is the Master of Mankindﷺ
Speak gently
O Visitor of the City of Light
And give your heart to silence
Bask in the tranquility
In the rays of Mercy and Divine Gifts
O visitor of al-Baqi'
Who rests here
But those beloved to this Pole of Creationﷺ
Who have felt his touchﷺ
Who have been dressed in his gazeﷺ
Who have been softened by his speechﷺ
Will you laugh much and weep little?
O Visitor to the Sacred Land
Will you not reflect
On the Noble Being who tread this earthﷺ
Will you not keep him in your heart?ﷺ
And give your Soul reprieve
Give your Soul security
Give your Soul salvation
Ask for nothing less in this visit
For this is your gift if He so Wills.
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Calligraphy Hadith - " Whoever visits my grave,it is necessary for me to intercede on her/his behalf" - Dr.Alan Godlas

"The Prophet (upon whom be peace) said, 'Whoever visits my grave, it is necessary for me to intercede on her/his behalf' " (Hadith of the Prophet in the Sunan of Daraqutni, Shu'ab al-imam of Bayhaqi) قال النبي عليه السلام: من زارَ قَبْرِي وَجَبَتْ لَهُ شَفَاعَتِي Qala n-nabi 'alayhi s-salam: man zara qabri, wajabat la-hu shafa'ati. A similar version is in the al-Mu'jam al-awsat and al-Mu'jam al-kabir of Tabarani: مَنْ زَارَ قَبْرِي بَعْدَ مَوْتِي كَانَ كَمَنْ زَارَنِي فِي حَيَاتِي "Whoever visits my grave after my death, it is as if s/he has visited me during my life."

Source:  Dr.Alan Godlas's Facebook

Calligraphy-Quran- " I only created jinn and humans so they could worship Me" Surat al-Dariyat 51:56 - Dr.Alan Godlas

"I only created jinn and humans so they could worship Me" (Qur'an, Surat al-Dariyat 51:56) وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَالْإِنْسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ wa-ma khalaqtu l-jiina wa-l-ins illa li-ya'buduni . One of the foremost authorities on Qur'anic commentary among the companions, Ibn 'Abbas, was reported by his student Mujahid to have stated that "so they could worship Me" means "so they could know Me (li-ya'rifuni). (There is another isnad that includes Ibn Jurayj and stops at Mujahid and does not include Ibn 'Abbas.) This report of Ibn 'Abbas is part of the textual justification commonly given by Sufis to support their contention that the purpose of the creation is to gain direct experience of God (ma'rifa). Often it is cited together with the hadith qudsi, where God said, "I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, so I created creation in order to be known (li-yu'rafa)."

Source: Dr.Alan Godlas's Facebook

Calligraphy- Quran - Surat al-Duha 93:9-11 & Surat al-Fajr 89:27-30 -- Professor Dr.Alan Godlas

"As for the orphans, do not treat them severely! As for the needy, do not turn them away! As for the bountiful gifts of your Lord-Sustainer, proclaim them!" (Qur'an Surat al-Duha 93: 9-11). فَأَمَّا الْيَتِيمَ فَلَا تَقْهَرْ (9) وَأَمَّا السَّائِلَ فَلَا تَنْهَرْ (10) وَأَمَّا بِنِعْمَةِ رَبِّكَ فَحَدِّثْ (11)
"O self-at-peace, return to your Lord-Sustainer, being content [with your Lord-Sustainer], and [your Lord-Sustainer] being contended with you! Enter among My servants! Enter into My paradise!" (Qur'an Surat al-Fajr 89:27-30)
يَا أَيَّتُهَا النَّفْسُ الْمُطْمَئِنَّةُ (27) ارْجِعِي إِلَى رَبِّكِ رَاضِيَةً مَرْضِيَّةً (28) فَادْخُلِي فِي عِبَادِي (29) وَادْخُلِي جَنَّتِي (30)

Source: Dr.Alan Godlas's Facebook

Rumi- " I am the slave of Quran as log as I have a soul I am dust on the road of Muhammad the one chosen"-- Professor Dr.Alan Godlas

I am the slave
of the Qur'an
as long as I
have a soul.
I am dust
on the road
of Muhammad,
the one chosen.
If someone
takes other than that
from my words,
I loathe him;
and with such words,
I am disgusted.
(From the Quatrains of Rumi)
من بنده قرآنم اگر جان دارم
من خاك ره محمد مختارم
گر نقل کند جز اين کس از گفتارم
بيزارم از او وز اين سخن بيزارم

Alan Godlas's photo.
From Dr.Alan Godlas's Facebook -Calligraphy with meanings

Monday, September 19, 2016

"Choosing self-worship in contrast to embracing Divine Love" - Professor Alan Godlas

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"Choosing self-worship in contrast to embracing Divine Love"
"Self-worship" (or attachment to self) occurs whenever we mistake for God a particular condition/form/picture/object/person/thought/feeling/perception (or even a teaching that we habitually associate with well-being, fulfillment, love, or God, etc.). In other words, self-worship occurs whenver we mistake an "ilah" for God (and for God's theophanic Self-Manifestations).
This doesn't cause us problems unless our desire for such a condition is triggered and we are unable to achieve such a condition. Then we have a challenge or opportunity TO RESPOND to the feelings that occur to us when we have not achieved or fulfilled such a condition (of our self-worship), a challenge to respond to our uncomfortable feelings of unfufillment by sipping such feelings and thoughts with a drop of unconditional gratitude to God.
Although we do not initially recognize such challenges as the surface or outer form of a Divine name/quality that is becoming manifest (inviting us to actualize the fullness of the name by responding to it with gratitude), in fact such a challenge (beneath its surface) is an aspect or theophany (tajalli) of God's face (i.e. a Divine quality or attribute), giving us a golden opportunity to actualize the fullness of a Divine quality, rather than continuing to exist simply at its surface.
To whatever degree we respond with gratitude to this surface of such a Divine quality that is becoming manifest, to that degree the infinite mercy, love, and oceanic unity beneath the surface will become open to us, since we will not be turning away, ungratefully, from it.
In other words, at each moment God is inviting us to choose between self-worship or worship of God by showing us the surface of Divine name or quality, which appears to us as our sadness or whatever we happen to feel, think, and perceive.
Beneath the surface masks of such experiences, God is asking us (in Qur'anic terms), "Am I not your Lord-Sustainer?!" Namely, it is as if God is saying "Are you going to embrace a drop of this bitter wine of disappointment with a sip of gratitude (for the possibility that God's infinite Mercy and all-inclusive love is sustaining me and whatever I'm thinking, feeling, and perceiving), or not?! If you do attempt to embrace gratefully a drop of this better wine, you will need to take this sip on faith, the faith (or hypothesis or gamble) that beneath the surface is the infinitely merciful sweetness of God's Oceanic and All-Inclusive Love."
If you choose to attempt to take this sip, there is an increased likelihood that you will actually taste and discover this Ocean. If you choose not to attempt to take this sip, you condemn yourself to a moment of self-worship, a hell-like experience of not having a condition that you believe you need, of not having a form, thought, person, object or feeling that you worship.

In Praise of the Prophet (saws) -The face of Ahmadﷺ - Walid Lounès Bouzerar

In Quest for the Love of the Habib - Sohbet with Walid Lounès ...
The face of Ahmadﷺ
Like the full Moon enrobed in a pure silk cloth
Light flowing as though flooding from his blessed pores ﷺ
His blessed eyes ﷺ
Darkened as by Kohl, shadowed like the Moon’s crevices ﷺ
Those lips sweetened by the Divine Revelation ﷺ
His utterance of it a mellow articulation of sincerity ﷺ
Not artificial, not disguised
Plain and natural as the bee delivering its honey ﷺ
Melodious and pure, enrapturing who hears it ﷺ
Lustrating the heart of every listener ﷺ
Decorating it with deep tranquility and beauty ﷺ
O the generosity and care-taking of that Prophet ﷺ
Were the shame of a sinner and transgressor
From his Umma ﷺ to surface for all to see
He would shelter it under his own blessed cloak ﷺ
O the beauty of that Prophet and O the humility ﷺ
Were he to sit ﷺ amongst the destitute and outcast
You could not tell him apart due to his bashfulness ﷺ
O how we long for the Light of Ahmad to adorn us ﷺ
That we may reach our Lord with manners
That we may love through Allah and for Allah
That we may give only to please Him
O Allah – Your Generosity is unfathomable
And You have showered me with blessings over and over
What have I but You?
Convey Your peace and blessings upon
The Moon of our hearts ﷺ
The Light of our nights ﷺ
And upon his family and companions ﷺ
By the measure of Your Favors upon us

In Praise of the Prophet ﷺ -Your Sublime Countenanceﷺ -Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Your Sublime Countenanceﷺ
O Messenger of Allāhﷺ – I seek your news
Were I to bask in the Light of your Presenceﷺ
That my sins be washed from my heart 
For they would flee swiftly in their reverence
Were I to kiss your velvety handﷺ
And pull in the musk in all its pleasanceﷺ
From your blessed pores to my thirsty lungsﷺ
O that my heart be consumed in your Essenceﷺ
O Muḥammad – dress me in the garb of your Lightsﷺ
Ennoble my Soul with your eternal acceptanceﷺ
O Prophet of Allāhﷺ – how I long to behold
Your sublime countenance and holy attendanceﷺ
O Light of my heartﷺ, visit me in my dream
Glance upon me and pray for my accepted repentanceﷺ
O Messenger of Allāhﷺ – pray for Mercy upon me
And that my company be adorned by your descendantsﷺ
That my Soul be dressed in your beautiful characterﷺ
That my heart be ornamented with your resplendenceﷺ
Pray for our Souls, and that our hearts embrace your Presenceﷺ
O Prophet of Allahﷺ – Pray for our Shuyūkh and for our Parents
Pray for our loved ones, our families and our dependents
O Allāh – Unite us with Your Beloved Prophet in the Heavensﷺ
O Allāh – From Your creation grant us complete independence
O Allāh – On this night shower us with Your Celestial Presents
O Allāh – Grant us a Light from You that increases and never lessens
Send Your peace and blessings upon the Master of the Worldsﷺ
Master of all Creatures, Prophets, Messengers and Dimensionsﷺ
With a prayer that joins our Souls with him like drops with the Seaﷺ
And multiply it by the amount that his name receives Divine Mentionsﷺ
A prayer that purifies our words, deeds, thoughts and intentionsﷺ
A prayer that expels all doubts and answers all of our questionsﷺ
A prayer that annihilates all of our difficulties and tensionsﷺ
A prayer that brings to life our Souls, hearts and sensesﷺ
A prayer that brings Muḥammad through our dreamscape's entrancesﷺ
- Lounès, In Praise of the Prophet ﷺ
Compiment of Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Devotional Poetry in the Praise of the Beloved Prophet (saws) - Walid Lounès Bouzerar

The Soul’s Meansﷺ
To escape every difficulty
The Gate to Tranquilityﷺ
The Remedyﷺ
To every predicament-stricken entity
Sent as a Lightﷺ, beautifying every crevice in
The lands and the heavens, every sentient beings Medicineﷺ
Mercy to the Worldsﷺ, means mercy to the worlds
Mercyﷺ to the humans, jinns, the trees, the bees, the seas, the birds
Mercyﷺ to the soil, the lakes, the seeds, the deeds, the thoughts, the words
Mercyﷺ to the boys, the girls, the last, the first, the best, the worst
Mercyﷺ to the blessed and cursed, the who? O yes the cursed too
Mercyﷺ bursting like a Sun, with rays that shun no piece of earth
Nursing every seedling buried, in good keeping from their birthﷺ
Mercy to the piousﷺ, mercy to the sinners; Mercyﷺ
Mercy to the wise, mercy to the fools; Mercyﷺ
Mercy to the living, mercy to the dead; Mercyﷺ
Mercy to the knowers, mercy to the ignorant; Mercyﷺ
Mercy to the leaves, the blades of grassﷺ
Mercy extraordinary, mercy fragrant, mercy unsurpassedﷺ
Mercy to the cattle, mercy during peace and battleﷺ
Mercy during rest and travel, mercy, mercy, O mercy to dazzleﷺ
A healing mercy, feeding mercy, scenting mercyﷺ
Opening hearts, blessing the souls, quenching the thirstyﷺ
A loving mercy, simple mercy, tender mercyﷺ
Free mercy, countless mercies in this mercyﷺ
Merciful Lord, bless and send peace to Your Mercy to the Worldsﷺ
By the number of manifestations of Your mercy
By the scope, the strength and power of Your mercy
We pray for his merciful touch, merciful gazeﷺ
We pray for mercy to reach, mercy to praise
O Possessor of the Mercy to raise
Mercy to guide, Mercy to daze
Guide us to Merciful ways, Merciful days
Merciful Truth, Merciful graze
In the Garden of Your Merciful Vision
We ask for Your Merciful Admission
Keep us firm in the mercy of his Traditionﷺ
Bless, O Allah, the mercy to our Souls, our hearts, our mindsﷺ
Bless, O Allah, the merciful conveyor of Your Signsﷺ
Bless, O Allah, the beauty by which every heart is mesmerizedﷺ
Bless, O Allah, he through who every guided Soul is made to riseﷺ
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar,

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Quran- Surah al Zumar 39:53 -Calligraphy-"Say to My servants who have transgressed against their own selves, 'Do not despair of God's merciful love! God forgives all sins!' [God is infinitely forgiving, infinitely mercifiul!]" Qur'an, Surat al-Zumur 39:53 Professor Godlas 4

"Say to My servants who have transgressed against their own selves, 'Do not despair of God's merciful love! God forgives all sins!' [God is infinitely forgiving, infinitely mercifiul!]" Qur'an, Surat al-Zumur 39:53 Qul ya 'ibadiya lladhina asrafu 'ala anfusihim la taqnatu min rahmatillah innallaha yaghfiru dh-dhunuba jami'an [innahu huwa l-ghafur ur-rahim]
قُلْ يَا عِبَادِيَ الَّذِينَ أَسْرَفُوا عَلَى أَنْفُسِهِمْ لَا تَقْنَطُوا مِنْ رَحْمَةِ اللَّهِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يَغْفِرُ الذُّنُوبَ جَمِيعًا [إِنَّهُ هُوَ الْغَفُورُ الرَّحِيمُ]

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Islamic Art and Quotes — Quran 39:53 – Allah forgives all sins ...

Calligraphy- Surah Ikhlas: "Say God is one, God, the Everlasting, Who does not give birth, Who is not born, and Who has no equivalent." (Quran, Surat al-Ikhlas, #112). Professor Alan Godlas

surah al ikhlas transliteration - Google Search | Instagram story ...

"Say God is one, God, the Everlasting, Who does not give birth, Who is not born, and Who has no equivalent." (Quran, Surat al-Ikhlas, #112). 
قُلْ هُوَ اللَّهُ أَحَدٌ (1) اللَّهُ الصَّمَدُ (2) لَمْ يَلِدْ وَلَمْ يُولَدْ (3) وَلَمْ يَكُنْ لَهُ كُفُوًا أَحَدٌ (4) 
Qul huwallahu ahad, Allahu s-samad, yam yalid wa-lam yulad, wa lam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad. Calligraphed in 1327 by Mustafa Efendi, an Ottoman era calligrapher.

Calligraphy-"O You Who changes hearts, make my heart stable in Your religion and in obedience to You." Professor Alan Godlas

Sunan At-Tirmidhi - With harakat and authentication - At-Tirmidhi...
"O You Who changes hearts, make my heart stable in Your religion and in obedience to You." (A prayer of the Prophet Muhammad, recorded in the hadith collection of Ahmad ibn Hanbal; a more highly regarded version of this--recorded in the Sunan of Tirmidhi-- omits "and in obedience to You.") يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِي عَلَى دِينِكَ وَطَاعَتِكَ Ya muqalliba l-qulub thabbit qalbi 'ala dinika wa-ta'atika. Calligraphed by Hasan Çelebi.