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Thursday, September 29, 2016

In Praise of the Most Praised ﷺ‎.‎Part III-"O seeker make your existence an exegesis of “alhamdulillah”-Walid Lounès Bouzerar

O seeker make your existence an exegesis of “alhamdulillah”
Praise be to Allah
Praise, direct praise, and praise through means
Lillah, to Allah, to Whom all praise returns
All praise returns to Allah
Direct praise, praise be to You
O Only One worthy of Praise
Indirect praise, praise be to You
Through the accepted Praiser of Youﷺ
Whom You have Praisedﷺ
Above all those Praised
And none is Praised except
Through His Praise of himﷺ
And thus he is, the Most Praisedﷺ
Every Praise of creation
Extends from this Praise of himﷺ
For every good in creation
Is manifest through this Most Praised Light He Createdﷺ
This Possessor of the Most Praised Stationﷺ
And there is no good in creation but His Praise
And every praise is in reality Praise of Him
All Praise returns to Him
O seeker, praise the Only one Praised
Through he whose praise is acceptedﷺ
Every prayer is answered through his nameﷺ
Thus every praise is accepted through his nameﷺ
And his name is Muhammadﷺ
Which means the Most Praisedﷺ
And none from creation can praise the Lord
As the Most Praisedﷺ can praise Him
And none can praise the Most Praisedﷺ
As the Lord can Praise himﷺ
So in that is a subtle secret
For those with understanding
Praise with your tongue
But do not be veiled from praising with your limbs
Praise Him through what He has Praised
Praise with your intentions
Praise with your praising of His Praise of the Most Praisedﷺ
And praise
With your praising of the Most Praised'sﷺ Praising of Him
For there is no accepted praise
Except through the intercession of his praisingﷺ
For the "La Ilaha Illa Allah"
There is No Deity but Allah
Is not accepted without
"Muhammad ur-Rasul Allahﷺ"
His Messenger is 'the Most Praised'ﷺ
So your praise of Allah, O seeker
Is dependant upon your affirming of His Unity
And your affirming of His Unity
Is dependant upon your acceptance
And therefore, your praise
Of the one He Praisedﷺ
And named the Most Praisedﷺ
So how can your praise of Allah be accepted
Without your praising of the Most Praisedﷺ?
Praise be to Allah
For the praiseworthy traits
The Most Praised is dressed withﷺ
May the Praise of Allah be forever upon
His Most Praisedﷺ
Whose very existence
Is Praise of Allah
And Allah's Praise of himﷺ
And there is no praise of Allah
Like the Praise He has Praised Himself with
And He has Praised Himself
With His Praising of the Most Praisedﷺ
And there is no accepted praising of Allah
Without the praising of His Most Praisedﷺ
Praise be to Allah
Through the Existence and Tongue of the Most Praisedﷺ
O Allah – may Your Praise
Peace and blessings
Be forever upon Your Most Praisedﷺ
And upon those Praised by You
Through their connection with
And therefore praise, of the Most Praisedﷺ
His Most Praised Familyﷺ
Praised above all other praised families
And his Most Praised Companionsﷺ
Praised above all other praised companions
And his Most Praised Beloved Followersﷺ
Praised above all other praised beloved followers
And the reality of their Praise is single
And all Praise returns to Whom Praise Originates from
And may His Name be Praised
And may His Most Praised be praisedﷺ
By the number of Praisers that have Praised Him
Animate and inanimate
And by the Strength and Duration of His Eternal Praise.


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